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My Top 5 Budget Makeup Products All Under £7

My Top 5 Budget Makeup Products All Under £7

As much as I love high end makeup, there are also a lot of more affordable makeup brands that I absolutely love and often purchase products from. I want to share with you my current top five budget makeup products that I am using pretty much everyday at the moment. All of these products are under £7 - in fact I think most of them are under £5! They are such a bargain but also really good quality products as well. 

Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick 'Matte Malibu' £5 - The name of this product is a little confusing to me, as although it is called a blush stick and it's one of 8 shades available, this shade Matte Malibu is definitely more of bronzer rather than a blusher. I have also found it on the Superdrug website described as a contour stick but it is the same product - strange! But that aside, it such a great product. I love using a stick like this as it allows me to easily apply product to my face quickly with no mess. It has a matte finish but is creamy when you apply which makes it so easy to blend. I use this all the time for contouring and I absolutely love it. It's such good quality and only £5, amazing! 

L.A Girl PRO Conceal HD Concealer £5 - I came across this concealer awhile back after seeing some reviews and I have already repurchased it twice. I use the shade 'Light Ivory' everyday to conceal under my eyes. It gives such good coverage and the shade is perfect for brightening up the under eye area. This concealer comes in so many different shades, I also have a dark brown that I sometimes use for contouring. The price of this varies a lot, I found it on Beauty Bay for £5, but you can get them on Amazon for cheaper I think. I really recommend it! I love the brush applicator as well, it's so easy to use.

My Top 5 Budget Makeup Products All Under £7

SEVENTEEN Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner 'Tattoo Me' £4.99 -  I bought this a few weeks ago as it was on offer in Boots and I fancied trying a new eye liner (I never stick to the same liquid liner) and I have been using it everyday since. I love small applicators like this one as they make it so easy to apply neatly and get a good wing. The semi permanent name means that it is designed to last up to 48 hours without budging - I haven't tested this as I always remove my makeup every evening, but I can confirm it definitely doesn't budge at all from 7am in the morning until 10pm at night! The only downside is that it is very difficult to remove, it takes a lot of my makeup remover to get it off, but it's worth it to know my eyeliner will stay in place all day and I won't need to top it up.

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick 'Honeymoon' £6.50 -  I got this lipstick in a goody bag at a blog event ad I'm so glad I did otherwise I probably never would have purchased this. I didn't realize that these lip lingeries are actually matte which is my favourite finish. I love it because when you apply this it is so creamy and comfortable on the lips even when it dries. The coverage is amazing as well, you only need one layer for a bold colour and it lasts hours. This shade Honeymoon is the perfect everyday dark nude and I'm wearing it all the time. They have lots of other shades available so I'm sure I'll be purchasing a couple more soon.

Natural Collection Brow Kit £1.99 - Finally in my current top five is this Natural Collection Brow Kit. I was sent this a few months ago when it was first released in Boots and I have used it all time time since (as you can tell from my photos!) The quality of the powder and the wax section is really impressive, they are so pigmented and easy to apply. It comes with a brush which I sometimes use, but I do find it slightly too small. The only downside of this is that it only comes in one shade which may be too dark or light for some. I absolutely love this product, it's probably my favourite of them all. I can't believe it is only £1.99 - such good value. 

As you can probably tell, I'm a massive fan of all these products and I can see myself continuing to repurchase them as they are such good quality for the price.

Have you tried any of these? What are you favourite budget makeup brands?

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