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Gerard Cosmetics Lip Products | Fire Engine and Immortal Review

Gerard Cosmetics is a brand I have wanted to try for so long and recently I finally got round to making a purchase from Beauty Bay. The hydro matte liquid lipsticks have amazing reviews so I had to try one of these. I decided to go for the hydro matte in shade ‘Immortal’ and also bought one of their lipsticks in the shade ‘Fire Engine’ as this looked like such a beautiful shade and I thought they would go well together. I love red lips during the winter months and these two are just perfect.

Gerard Cosmetics Fire Engine and Immortal Review

Hydro Matte Lipstick in 'Immortal'

Immortal is a beautiful deep red colour. Gerard Cosmetics describes it as a vampy, blood red which is definitely true. I love the packaging it comes in, the gold cap and frosted glass effect make it look really elegant and high end. 

It doesn’t dry up instantly when applied so you do have to wait a while to make sure it is fully dry and you don’t end up smudging it. But, it’s worth the wait as once it’s dry it really does not budge. That’s my favourite thing about liquid lipstick, there is no need to reapply as they last for so long. I actually found this hard to fully remove from my lips and from my hand when I swatched it, but I’m not complaining as I love that it is so long lasting.

My favourite thing about Immortal is that although it is matte it didn’t feel drying on my lips at all when I was wearing it. I can imagine if you have very dry lips especially during winter then you might find it uncomfortable but this is nothing a lip balm on top won’t solve. Most importantly, the pigmentation of this is AMAZING. One coat and you have beautiful bold red lips. I am so impressed with Immortal I am so tempted to purchase another shade from the hydro matte range as they are quite reasonably priced at £11.50 each on Beauty Bay.

Gerard Cosmetics Fire Engine and Immortal Review

Lipstick in 'Fire Engine'

Fire Engine is just the perfect classic red shade. Gerard Cosmetics describe it as glamorous Hollywood red which is the perfect description. I absolutely love the packaging, the lipstick comes presented in a small shiny golden tube which just looks so glam.

Although Fire Engine is a matte finish it is soft and smooth when applied. It definitely isn’t a creamy lipstick but I wouldn’t describe it as fully matte either. It is the perfect lipstick if you have dry lips but also want a long lasting matte finish. Like the hydro matte liquid lipstick, the pigmentation is amazing, one layer and you have beautiful bright red lips. The lasting power is also incredible, it doesn’t last quite as long as Immortal did but it stay on my lips for a good few hours. You can purchase the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks on Beauty Bay for £11.50.

Gerard Cosmetics Fire Engine and Immortal Review

Below on the left - Fire Engine and on the right Immortal.

I absolutely love both of these Gerard Cosmetics lip products and I'm so glad I have finally tried this brand! I will definitely be wearing these two a lot over the festive season.

Have you tried Gerard Cosmetics?

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