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Hair Care Tips For Blonde Hair

Hair Care Tips For Blonde Hair
Although I do have naturally blonde hair, it is a dark blonde and I have always had the desire to be as light blonde as possible. To do this I get bleach highlights about every 8-12 weeks and have done for probably around 8 years now.

Over the years I have picked up lots of dos and don’ts when it comes to looking after blonde hair. All blonde hair requires lots of looking after as it is naturally finer than darker hair types, especially if you are adding colour to it. I hope these tips help some of you blondies out there!

Go to a hair dresser, don’t colour it yourself. I really stress this point to anyone out there that is lightening their hair themselves. I used to do this when I first started going lighter and I did nothing but damage my hair. It is so important when you are lightening your hair to do it properly, some hair lightens quicker than others so you may be leaving the colour on for longer than necessary and then damaging your hair. Also, it is really unlikely your hair will actually turn the colour on the box, as again everyone’s hair takes differently to the colour. My worst hair disaster was turning it grey as I used an ‘ash’ shade rather than ‘golden’ which clearly my hair didn’t like! Finally on this point, you shouldn’t really colour the same bit of hair more than once so it’s best to just get your roots topped up which is definitely safer to do at the hair dressers.

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Lots of shampoos and conditioners out there actually do more harm than good to blonde hair as they contain harsh chemicals. I always buy ones that are designed specifically for repairing and protecting coloured hair. My current favourites are the Salon Science Shampoo and Conditioner from their Swiss Grape range.

Use purple shampoo. I recently spoke to a blonde who was too scared to use purple shampoo on their hair as they thought it would make it literally turn purple or grey. I promise you it won’t do this (unless you leave it on for hours and hours!). Purple shampoo helps maintain blonde hair and stop it from turning brassy. I use purple shampoo once every couple of weeks and leave it on for around 5-10 minutes. It really brightens up my hair and means I can go longer before I get it coloured again – I don’t know what I would do without it! 

Hair Care Tips For Blonde Hair

Wash less and use dry shampoo more. I used to wash my hair every day as I just loved that freshly washed feeling. Since getting extensions and not having the time to wash my hair every day I have noticed a real difference in my hair. I never realised that over washing your hair is so bad, it ends up drying it out as you are washing out the natural oils every day and it makes colour fade faster. Now dry shampoo is my best friend (my favourite for years has been Superdrug’s own brand dry shampoo), I always buy the ones for blonde hair and now only try to wash my hair once or twice a week.  

Don’t use heat (or use less heat). Ideally with bleached hair you shouldn’t apply any heat to it as it is really damaging and can dry out and break the hair, that means no blow drying or straightening. Unfortunately for me this just isn’t an option, I hate how my hair looks when I let it dry naturally and don’t straighten it so I try and compromise and not use heat everyday and sometimes use the cool setting on my hair dryer. When I do, I always use a heat protective spray first, this is essential! I am currently loving the Lee Stafford Coco Loco range.

Hair Care Tips For Blonde Hair

Use deep condition treatments. If you have bleached hair then it essential means you have stripped your hair of it’s moisture which results in it being very dry and prone to breakage. I usually try and use a hair mask once a week if I have time. I don’t have a favourite one, I just usually look for ones specifically designed for dry, blonde or damaged hair. For the last few months I have been using the This Works Hair Elixr, an overnight leave in treatment - I can’t even put into words how much I love this! 

Use oils. As well as doing a conditioning treatment once a week I also try and regularly use oils in my hair. As I mentioned when you bleach your hair it really dries it out and hair oils keep it moisturised. Argan oil, Moroccan oil or coconut oil are amazing. I only use them on the mid-ends of my hair so it doesn’t make the top look greasy.

Get your hair cut regularly. I have to admit I don’t do this anywhere near as much as I should. But it is definitely important as with fine blonde hair the ends split and break so easily and need to be cut off to get rid of them and help your hair grow quicker and look healthier.

Hair Care Tips For Blonde Hair

I hope these tips are helpful to you - they definitely help me look after my bleached hair. If you have any other tips I'd love to hear them.

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