Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pink Tea | Organic Mangosteen Tea

I'm sure most of you have all heard of green tea/ matcha green tea and all the benefits there are of those - but have you ever come across pink tea? I hadn't until recently and I was so intrigued to find out more. 

Pink Tea* is made from mangosteen, a tropical reddish, purple coloured fruit which is most commonly found in Thailand and other South-East Asian regions.  It's only recently it seems to be getting more popular now that it has been identified as a superfood. There are so many health benefits of mangosteen, after doing some research I was really surprised! Mangosteen is antioxidant-rich and naturally contains xanthones which have a number of health benefits including anti-inflammatory. Mangostreen is low in carlories, rich in vitamin C, reduces cholesterol, and can help with skin problems such as ache. There are so many other health benefits of mangosteen, I found this useful page here which tells you more. 

This Pink Tea is made by drying and grinding the fruit to make the pink coloured fine powder. This form of tea is great as instead of throwing away all the goodness like with a tea bag, you are drinking it. 

The instructions recommend mixing around 3 teaspoons of the powder with boiling water to make one cup of tea. Although the colour of the powder is a bright pink the actual tea is more of a purple, it's so pretty and a very unique cup of tea.  

The tea tasted absolutely gorgeous. I wasn't sure what to expect at first as I'm not really a fan of the taste of green tea, however I was pleasantly surprised. It is very fruity and very sweet which is perfect for me as I have such a sweet tooth. If you aren't a fan of very sweet tasting drinks this might not be for you. I could imagine after a lot it might get a bit sickly to drink, but one cup was the perfect amount for me. 

Now that I know all the health benefits there are of mangosteen and the fact that the tea tastes amazing I am definitely going to be making this a regular addition to my diet. One pack of the tea costs £9.95 - it doesn't say how many cups you get from one pack but I think it will be quite a few as there's a lot of powder in there. 

Have you every tried mangosteen? 

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