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Matcha Tea, Ginger and Banana Smoothie Recipe | Eat Clean Tea #SummerOfMatcha

Matcha Tea Smoothie

Matcha tea seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment, with people raving about all the  health benefits there are of drinking it. I have wanted to try it for a while now but just haven't got around to doing some research of what it's all about. When I came across Eat Clean Tea's #SummerOfMatcha competition for bloggers I jumped at the chance to enter. The aim is to help people cut down on their sugar intake by saying goodbye to fizzy drinks and juices full of sugar by challenging bloggers to create a delicious healthy recipe using their matcha tea powder.

In case you aren't entirely sure what matcha tea is here is a quick explanation. Matcha begins its life as green tea leaves from Japan that are ground into a fine powder which makes it easy to ingest. There are a huge number of benefits, matcha is a source of vitamin C, it lowers blood sugar, cholesterol and gives you clear skin. These are only a few - after doing some research I have discovered there are many, many more benefits of matcha and I can now understand why it is a superfood! If you want to read more about matcha and where it comes from, Eat Clean Tea have put together a page telling you everything you need to know here.

Eat Clean Tea have three flavours of matcha tea available - original, mint and ginger. I decided to go for the ginger flavour. I absolutely love the taste of ginger and there are so many benefits of ginger! 

I spent awhile trying to decide what drink to make with my matcha & ginger powder, I wanted to keep it as healthy as possible but also make sure it tasted really good.

Matcha Tea Smoothie

 I decided to make it into a fruit smoothie and these are the ingredients I used for my smoothie: 

One Banana
Two scoops of matcha & ginger powder
One Natural yogurt with honey (you can also use any plain natural yogurt with a teaspoon of honey)
A few ice cubes
A small bit of skimmed milk

Matcha Tea Smoothie

I managed to keep all the ingredients healthy which I was pleased about, but the main aim was to make sure it tasted good! I am pleased to say it did taste very good. The combination of banana, honey and ginger was absolutely gorgeous. You could even replace the milk with almond milk to make it even healthier, or not use any milk at all if you are happy with a thicker smoothie. The ice cubes make it so cold and very refreshing - perfect for a hot summers day.

The smoothie filled me up for quite awhile which I was really happy about, I am always looking for healthy snacks that actually work at satisfying hunger. I will definitely be making this again and taking it into work with me for a mid morning or afternoon snack. 

You only need two very small scoops of Eat Clean Tea's matcha powder to make one drink, and even though this is a sample size packet there is so much powder in it. I will definitely be trying out some other combinations with my Matcha & Ginger powder.

Matcha Tea Smoothie

Have you tried Matcha Tea before? What's your favourite way to drink it?

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