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Jenni's Beauty Lashes Review

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

I am a massive fan of false lashes and have been for years now. I don't wear them on a daily basis but I always wear them on an evening out or special occasion, I would be lost without them! When I was introduced to Jenni's Beauty Lashes I was so excited to try them out.

Jenni's Beauty Lashes offer four different types of lashes. You can buy them individually for £6.50 or you can buy all four together for £22 and this is called the 'Angel Collection' which I was kindly given to try out. 

The lashes come in the cutest box and each set of lashes are individually packaged. I really liked the packaging, they are protected and secured well so there's no worrying about your lashes getting damaged. 

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

The lashes are made from 100% human hair and I until now I hadn't ever tried human hair lashes. I could tell straight away they were different to man made lashes, they are so soft and lightweight - I could barely feel them when they were on my eyes! 

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

The lashes are each have an individual name rather than just a number to distinguish them which I think is a lovely touch. 

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

The Jennifer lashes are my favourite out of them all ( and not just because they share the same name as me!) they are my perfect kind of lash for an evening out. They give quite a dramatic effect and are extended at the outer edges which I absolutely love. 

  JessicaJenni's Beauty Lashes

The Jessica lashes are slightly more natural looking than the Jennifer lashes and are perfect for a day or night time look. 

Jenni's Beauty Lashes

The Kayleigh lashes are the longest set in this range and I absolutely love them. They are give a gorgeous lengthening effect and still remain natural looking at the same time as they are very fine and not bulky at all. 

Jenni's Beauty Lashes
The Victoria lashes are the most subtle of them all and these are absolutely perfect for a day time look. They are so natural looking when applied. I wore these to a wedding a couple of weeks ago as I wanted a very natural look and I even forgot at one point that I had false lashes on as they are so lightweight! 

As you can probably tell I am a massive fan of these lashes and I'm so glad I was introduced to Jenni's Beauty Lashes. They are very reasonably priced for 100% real human hair lashes and the Angel Collection is a great investment as they can be worn more than once if you care for them well. 

If you are looking for some new eye lashes to try out I really recommend Jenni's Beauty Lashes. You can find out more on their Twitter, Instagram and website

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