Thursday, 14 April 2016

This Works Sleep Plus Trouble Shooter & Hair Elixir

I was recently introduced to the online beauty store Bath & Unwind and sent a couple of products to try out from the This Works Sleep Plus range. When I read up on This Works I was so excited to find out what it was like as it sounded like my perfect brand. They use only 100% natural ingredients with no unnecessary chemicals or synthetic fragrances added. This is always really important to me when choosing a skin care brand as I have very sensitive skin, so I care a lot about products being kind to the skin.

The Sleep Plus range is designed to maximise your downtime by tackling beauty and sleep troubles at the same time. I sometimes struggle with sleeping and I know a lot of people do to, so products that help with sleep and skincare seems like the perfect combination!

The first product I tried out is the Sleep Plus Trouble Shooter, a spray designed to help you sleep and de-age skin. The directions say to spray nightly onto problem areas such as elbows and knees to resolve dry patches, uneven skin or damaged skin. I did as it says and sprayed it onto my elbows and knees but then actually ended up spraying it all over my legs and arms too as it had such a lovely feel. I often get dry skin and as soon as I sprayed it I loved it. It is so soothing to the skin and sinks in quickly. 

It contains a combination of essential oils including Lavender and Camomile which work in a motion activated time release system designed to minimise sleep irregularities and leave you feeling refreshed when you wake up. I can't honestly say whether or not using the spray did help me sleep better, I think I will have to use it quite a few times to work that one out. However I can definitely say it works wonders on dry skin, the next morning my skin felt amazing after only using it once. It smells of lavender which is such a lovely relaxing smell just perfect for bed time. 

The second product I have been using from the Sleep Plus range is the Hair Elixir, a 2-in-1 night treatment designed to promote better sleep and boost hair vitality. I was very excited about trying this one, I have bleached blonde hair so I'm always on the lookout for new products to look after my hair and if it helps me sleep as well its a win win! The Hair Elixir should be sprayed directly onto the hair overnight and can be applied to wet or dry hair without combing it through to prolong the sleep fragrance. 

The first time I used this I applied it when my hair was dry and then tied it up out of the way. I was worried that since this product contains a mix of botanical oils - Argan, Jojba and Baobab, it would be difficult to wash it all out in the morning after a night on my hair and could leave my hair greasy. Thankfully it didn't at all. Although the hair feels slightly greasy when the spray is applied, once you wash it out it does not linger. I am so impressed with this, for days after I washed this product out of my hair I could feel the effects of it. My hair was so soft and silky the next day, more than it ever has been from any other hair mask.

It has the same lavender smell as the Trouble Shooter and I could still smell in my hair after washing it out which was just lovely. I also noticed that when the spray was in my hair I could smell it while I was falling asleep - very relaxing. I was raving about this spray so much in work the next day as I couldn't get over how good it was, I seriously recommend it!

I'm so glad I have tried out these products from the Sleep Plus range, I absolutely love them both and will definitely be continuing to use them. The range has a few other products in too that also sound great, I'm definitely adding the pillow spray to my wishlist next time I'm looking to make a purchase! 
Have you tried any of the Sleep Plus range? Do you like This Works?

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