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MAC Lip Liners | Naked & Hip 'n' Happy

MAC Lip Liners | Naked & Hip 'n' Happy

Recently I have become absolutely obsessed with lip liners. It wasn’t that long ago I got onto the lip liner hype and purchased my first MAC liner and since then I haven’t looked back. There are so many benefits to using lip liners underneath lipstick, I mention a few in my ‘Makeup Tips You Might Not know Already’ post. I could go on forever, I pretty much can’t go a day now without using a lip liner. Since I have started experimenting with liners I have decided MAC is definitely my favourite. MAC lip liners are so creamy, extremely pigmented and I think the price of £12.50 is actually quite reasonable considering how long they last. 

MAC Lip Liners | Naked & Hip 'n' Happy

The latest to join my lip liner collection are Naked and Hip ‘n’ Happy, both of which I love – I have been so excited to write this post and share my thoughts!

MAC Lip Liner Naked

Naked caught my eye when I was looking for a shade which would be suitable to go underneath any kind of nude lipstick. It is a flesh toned very light beige colour, very similar to a concealer. If you have darker skin this would almost definitely be too light as it is very pale, but for light skin tones this is a great base. When you apply Naked it almost erases the natural lip colour completely and gives a great blank canvas to apply a range of lipsticks on top.

I have been using Naked underneath my favourite MAC nude lipsticks Honey Love and Yash. The liner makes the staying power incredible and it really does last for hours. I have also been using Naked to achieve a fuller lip and draw slightly over the natural lip line and it is perfect for this. I wouldn’t use Naked just on it’s own as it would look like you have got concealer lips which is not a good look. However, it is the perfect base to make any nude lipstick last longer – definitely a good investment!

MAC Lip Liner Hip 'n' Happy

I didn’t really need two new liners at the time but I ended up purchasing Hip ‘n’ Happy the same time I bought Naked as I just can’t resist a pink. Hip ‘n’ Happy is a nude pink described by MAC as a ‘dirty blue pink’ meaning it is a very cool toned shade with blue undertones.

I can’t get enough of this shade, it looks great underneath a huge range of pink lipsticks and can be used under nude shades as well to brighten them up. I have also worn Hip ‘n’ Happy on its own which I really like. I have been wearing this so often, it’s a great everyday pink as it isn’t too bright.

MAC Lip Liners | Naked & Hip 'n' Happy
Left 'Naked' and right 'Hip n Happy'
I will definitely be wearing both of these shades a lot throughout summer. Have you tried Naked or Hip ‘n’ Happy? Do you like MAC lip liners?
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