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NARS Cosmetics | Laguna Bronzer & Orgasm Blush Review

NARS Laguna Bronzer & Orgasm Blush Review
NARS Laguna Bronzer & Orgasm Blush Review
NARS Laguna Bronzer & Orgasm Blush Review

I have had the NARS Laguna bronzer and NARS Orgasm blusher for quite a while now and although I had planned to blog about them a few months ago, I decided against it as there are already so many reviews out there I thought I would just be repeating what others have said. I recently changed my mind and I just couldn’t resist talking about these two products – they most certainly live up to the hype around them!

NARS Laguna Bronzer

Let’s start with the Laguna bronzer. I’m sure if you are a blogger or a makeup addict like me you have definitely come across this bronzer and there’s a high chance you might already own it. If you don’t, you will probably want it after reading this (sorry in advance!)

Laguna was on my wish list for absolutely ages and although I knew I would probably love it, I was reluctant to purchase it because of the £28 price tag. I got these for my birthday last year and I was so happy and ridiculously excited to try them out. I love everything about this bronzer.

Laguna comes presented in the beautiful black and white trademark NARS packaging and has a large mirror inside. It is a medium tan shade with warm, orange undertones and a very slight golden shimmer. The subtle shimmer makes Laguna perfect for an all over sun kissed glow, or it can be used as a contour powder. I prefer to use it as a contour powder and it is just perfect for this. It blends beautifully and the colour payoff is great, it is so pigmented meaning you can use less product and it looks natural and not cakey at all.

I think Laguna bronzer is perfect for pretty much all skin types. I have slightly oily skin so always tend to stick to matte products and although this is a matte bronzer (apart from the slight shimmer) I think it would also work well with dryer skin types because the texture of it is so soft and silky.

I have used Laguna almost everyday since I got it and I have just started to hit pan. I will definitely be repurchasing it when it runs out completely!

NARS Orgasm Blush

Next up is the NARS Orgasm blusher. Like Laguna, this was on my wish list for ages and I was so happy to get it for my birthday last year and see if it lives up to the hype as it has to be one of the most talked about blushers out there!

Orgasm is described by NARS as ‘peachy pink with golden shimmer’ and this is exactly what I would say. I think it looks a lot more of a bright, hot pink in the pan than it actually appears on the skin. On the skin it is definitely more of a peachy almost coral pink shade.

Orgasm is very shimmery so if this isn’t the type of finish you like then I probably wouldn’t recommend it. I absolutely love the shimmer it gives, it applies really well onto the skin and rather than looking like you have dots of glitter on your face, you get a lovely golden sheen which is the perfect highlight. It is basically a two in one product, you get the pop of colour a blush gives and also a gorgeous highlighting effect, I sometimes find I don’t need to use any highlighter when I have this blush on as it does the job.

Like Laguna, Orgasm is so soft and blends so well into the skin leaving you with a gorgeous natural look.

I absolutely love Orgasm and I reach for it all the time. I can definitely see why it is so popular. The only slight negative is the price, it retails at £23 which is quite pricey as it is a lot smaller than Laguna. However it does last for a long time as you only need a little bit of product each time.

NARS Laguna Bronzer & Orgasm Blush Review
Left - Laguna, Right - Orgasm
I can definitely see why there is so much hype surrounding Laguna and Orgasm, they are both wonderful products and I will most likely repurchase when they run out.

Have you tried either of these? What did you think? 
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