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20 Things That Happen When You Move To London

20 things that happen when you move to London

I have been living in London for over a year now and although I still feel so new at times, I recently realised how accustomed I have become to the London life. I have put together a list of 20 things that have happened to me since moving to London. Hope you enjoy reading and if any of you can relate to any of these points please leave me a comment and let me know!

1. You have to sacrifice living space. Somehow a tiny room in a flat share with no living room for £600 a month is ‘cheap’. When in most parts of the UK you could rent a whole flat or small house for that price.

2. You get so used to public transport you will forget what it feels like to be in an actual car.

3. You feel like anywhere outside of London is strangely quiet.

4. You plan your weekends by googling ‘free stuff in London this weekend’ and most likely choose something off Timeout.

5. You realise how much your walking pace has increased when a non-Londoner comes to visit and you have to tell them to hurry up every five seconds. Everyone walks faster in London.

6. You can tell exactly when someone is a tourist and get extremely annoyed at their touristy behaviour even though you used to be one not long ago.

7. You realise Oxford Street is not an enjoyable shopping experience, it is actually ridiculously stressful. Damn those tourists.

8. You refuse to accept that anyone knows what hot feels like unless they have experienced the central line during rush hour in summer.

9. You realise every night is Saturday night in London – there is always something going on.

10. You can’t help feeling slightly cooler than non –Londoners. Yep, I live in London.

11. You never, EVER stand on the left hand side of an escalator.

12. You learn that hand sanitizer is your best friend.

13. City mapper is another best friend.

14. You realise the tube map is very misleading and makes places look a lot further away than they actually are.

15. You discover that it’s not normal to say thank you to a bus driver in London. And that most of them are mean.

16. You will at some point either lose your Oyster card or try and use it to pay for something in a shop.

17. You never have any money and get extremely annoyed at how overpriced things are in London.

18. When you go anywhere else you wonder why everything is so cheap ‘only £5 for a cocktail?!’ What’s the catch…

19. You occasionally have thoughts on a cramped rush hour tube with someone’s sweaty arm pit in your face wondering ‘why am I putting myself through this?’

20. It doesn’t take long to decide that despite all this moving to London was the best decision ever and there’s no place quite like it.
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