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Smashbox | ART. LOVE. COLOUR. | Lipgloss Set

Smashbox ART. LOVE. COLOUR Lip gloss Set
One of my favourite presents for Christmas last year was this set of Smashbox lip glosses I got from my boyfriend. Normally if he wants to get me some makeup as a present he asks me for a list (as he wouldn’t know where to start with shopping for makeup!) but this set was a total surprise. He chose these because he knows I love anything bright coloured and because although I have lots of lipsticks, I don’t have that many lip glosses. It was a great idea – I absolutely love them all!

The lip glosses are part of the Smashbox ART. LOVE. COLOUR limited edition range. As soon as I saw the look of this range I instantly fell in love – the design is absolutely gorgeous. I love the bold colours, it makes it so unique as I don’t think there are any other makeup brands with a colourful range like this. The range is designed by the Spanish artist Yago Hortal, I had a look on his website and his artwork is amazing! His inspiration when designing this range was “People can’t live without colour. Imagine a life in black and white – it’s boring. We need colour to feel alive.” I completely agree with that!

Smashbox ART. LOVE. COLOUR Lip gloss Set

Each of the colours are individually named as you can see above. After looking on the Smashbox website it looks like this set isn’t available to buy anymore, but most of these shades are available to buy individually if you like the look of them. They retail at £16 each which I think is reasonable for a high end brand.
When it comes to lip glosses one thing I often worry about is them being sticky, there is nothing worse than a really sticky lip gloss when your hair just keeps on sticking to it. These lip glosses are not sticky at all, which instantly made me love them. They are also so moisturising which is perfect if you have dry lips, I have been loving wearing them throughout the colder months when my lips tend to be quite dry.
The pigmentation of the lip glosses is fairly strong – you get a really bold colour when applying a couple of layers which is great to get from a lip gloss, as often they just appear clear and a weak colour on the lips. After application, you are left with a vibrant colour and a lovely glassy finish. My favourite of the glosses is definitely Coraline, it is the perfect everyday nude shade.
Smashbox ART. LOVE. COLOUR Lip gloss Set

I am a massive fan of these lip glosses and really glad I have expanded my lip gloss collection as they are not something I usually buy. It’s a shame that the ART. LOVE. COLOUR range seems to be mostly finished now, as I would of loved to get my hands on something else from the range. I did however notice they still have an ART. LOVE. COLOUR brush set available – seriously tempted!

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