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ICEBAR LONDON #BloggersBelowZero

Icebar LondonIcebar London
Icebar London

Last week I attended the #BloggersBelowZero event at Icebar London. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have already seen me talking about how excited I was and how much fun this evening was. Ever since moving to London I have really wanted to go to the Icebar so I was seriously excited when this opportunity came up! It was such a great evening and definitely lived up to the hype around it, I have been so excited to write this post and share my experience in the Icebar.

The evening began with a welcome chat from Tom the Head of Sales and Marketing at Icebar, he told us everything we needed to know about the Icebar including how it is made which was so interesting to learn about. He explained how the Icebar changes it's theme from time to time, the current theme is  Rock which I thought was absolutely great. The detail on the ice is just amazing. There is a video on the Icebar website showing the process of what goes into putting the Icebar together which I recommend watching if you are interested in going.

After this it was time to enter the Icebar itself - we were split into groups and each went in for around 40 minutes. We were given thermal coats and gloves which were definitely needed! As expected, the Icebar was absolutely freezing (it is -5 degrees to be exact!) and 40 minutes was the perfect amount of time to be in there. 

The bar had to be the coolest bar I've ever ordered a drink from, excuse the pun but I just had to! It's not often you can say you ordered a cocktail from a bar made of completely of ice and had it served in a glass made completely from ice. 

Icebar London

Even the menu and cocktails were in keeping which the rock theme which was just great - I went for the Rebel Rebel cocktail which I really enjoyed. It was such a weird but fun experience drinking the cocktail from a glass made of ice, it was SO cold on the lips but made the cocktail taste even nicer. 

Icebar London cocktails
Icebar London cocktails

The time in the Icebar went so quickly and I really didn't want to leave - I think I forgot how cold I was because I was so excited! We managed to fit in a few group photos before we left.

Icebar London
Icebar London

After the Icebar we headed over to Dirty Martini which is my absolute favourite bar in London - they do the best martinis I've ever had and they are such good value during happy hour. Dirty Martini were kind enough to extend happy hour for us all night and even brought out this wonderful selection of cocktails when we arrived. After lots of cocktails and fun in Dirty Martini I headed home after an amazing evening.

Dirty Martini Cocktails

I had such a wonderful time at Icebar London and I'm so glad I got the chance to attend this event. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, it is a really fun experience and all the staff were so lovely throughout the evening. I can't wait to see what the next theme of the Icebar is going to be and I will definitely be going back again! 

Have you been to Icebar London?

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