Sunday, 15 November 2015

Bare Minerals Christmas Party

A few weeks ago I attended the Bare Minerals Christmas Party in London to announce the launch of their new Christmas range called Enchantment. I was so excited to attend this as I am a big fan of Bare Minerals makeup, I tried their Get Started Kit a couple of years ago and really loved it, since then I have repurchased their powder foundation quite a few times - it is a favourite of mine. 

The Enchantment collection was beautifully presented around the room so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos when I arrived.

After admiring the lovely Enchantment range it was time to get a cocktail and see what else was happening....

There was so much to do at the party, there was someone doing nails, hair and makeup. I choose to get my hair done which was so much fun!

I wish I could have curls like this everyday! It was so lovely getting my hair done and the stylist was really friendly and so talented! After a few of us had our hair done we absolutely had to take some photos and Bare Minerals provided this photo frame which was so much fun taking photos with. 

I had such a lovely evening at the Bare Minerals Christmas party, it was so great to see the new Enchantment makeup range and catch up with some blogger friends. My favourite item from the range is definitely the Regal Wardrobe eye and cheek palette, the design and colours are gorgeous - it is definitely top of my makeup wish list now! 

Do you like the look of the Bare Minerals Enchantment range?


Thursday, 12 November 2015

Real Techniques | Core Collection & Starter Kit

Real Techniques Core Collection and Starter Kit
Real Techniques Core Collection and Starter Kit

Over the last couple of years I have tried out a few of the Real Techniques individual brushes and absolutely loved all of them. So it's about time I invested in some of their sets (I realise I am massively behind with this!). Lots of you may have already tried out the Core Collection and Starter Kit as they are staples from Real Techniques and have been around a long time, but I just had to talk about them on my blog as I am so impressed!

Real Techniques Core Collection
Core Collection - £21.99
The Core Collection contains four full size face brushes and comes with in a black case which doubles up as a stand. It is a great extra having the case to keep them in but I have to say I haven't used it and probably won't be as I keep all my brushes in a pot together and it does seem a little bulky.

Real Techniques Core Collection

The brushes from left to right:

Buffing Brush - This brush can be used for applying foundation lightly to the face, I find it best for applying powder foundation as it is slightly too soft for liquid - unless you like a light coverage then this would be perfect. I have also used this brush for applying blusher to the cheeks which it is great for.

Contour Brush - This is by far my favourite brush out of the collection and an absolute must have for anyone who highlights and contours. It is the perfect size and shape for applying product to the areas you want to contour and it works really well with both powder and cream.

Pointed Foundation Brush - Although this brush is advertised as a foundation brush I find it too small to use for applying foundation to the whole face - it would take forever! It is much better for applying foundation or concealer to specific areas as the angled tip allows you to be really precise with your application.

Detailer Brush - I wasn't sure how to use this brush at first and forgot about it for awhile, however I have recently rediscovered it and use it almost every day! It is a really great multipurpose brush. It can be used for applying concealer, lipstick or even eyeliner or shadow. I mostly use it to apply concealer when I need to be really precise in certain areas, for example if I use a bold lip colour I use this to conceal and tidy up the edges.

Real Techniques Starter Kit
Starter Kit - £21.99
I also recently decided to purchase the Starter Kit from Real Techniques - I have had my eye on this one for ages! This kit costs £21.99 which is seriously good value for five brushes.

Real Techniques Starter Kit
Brushes from left to right:

Accent Brush - This is quite a firm brush and can be used for smudging, highlighting small areas and any precision detailing. I use this quite a lot to apply eyeshadow to the lash line and it works really well.

Brow Brush - This is my favourite brush out of this set, since having it I have used this to fill in my eyebrows everyday. The pointed angle allows you to get a really precise and defined finish. It works really well to apply both powder and wax.

Fine Liner Brush - This is the only brush out of the set that I haven't used, it is designed for applying cream or liquid liner but as I normally just use a pencil eyeliner I haven't needed this yet. It is very thin so I imagine it would be good to get a precise application.

Base Shadow Brush - As the name says, this brush is for applying your base shadow to the eyelid. I really love this brush, it is the perfect shape and really soft and gentle on the eyelid. 

Deluxe Crease Brush - When I first saw this brush I thought it was slightly too big to use in the crease and wasn't sure I would like it however I was very wrong. The fact that it is slightly oversized allows you to apply eyeshadow to the crease with ease and blend it out so you have no harsh lines. 
As you can probably tell by now, I am a massive fan of both the Core Collection and Starter Kit. They are both really great value for money as the quality is amazing. Yet again Real Techniques have impressed me with their wonderful brushes! 

Have you tried either of these sets? 
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