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W7 Butter Kiss Lipsticks | Candy Floss and Pink Icing

W7 Butter Kiss Lipsticks
W7 Butter Kiss Lipsticks

So this might not be the most appropriate post right now as we are going into Autumn/Winter and these are probably shades most people would choose for Summer, but I just have to talk about these two lipsticks on my blog now. I have been wearing each of them almost everyday for the last couple of weeks, I love pink all year round as those who know me will know!
W7 Butter Kiss Lipsticks
Left - 'Candy Floss', Right - 'Pink Icing'
I got these W7 Butter Kiss Lipsticks in my goody bag from the Big Blogger Conference back in August and I was really excited to try them as I'm already a big fan of W7 makeup - their eyeshadow palettes are amazing! This W7 range of lipsticks comes in quite a few different shades, they have pink, coral and red shades and I was pleased I got two of the pinks. The shades I got are called 'Candy Floss' and 'Pink Icing'. I love both of these shades, they are such girly, barbie colours - made for me!

As these lipsticks are called Butter Kiss I was expecting them to be really soft and moisturising on the lips and they definitely are! They are perfect if you have dry lips and struggle with more matte lipsticks. Although I am a massive fan of matte lipsticks, now and again I get quite dry lips and prefer to use something more moisturising. Applying these lipsticks felt the same as applying lip balm - impressive! 
W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick Swatches
Left - 'Candy Floss', Right - 'Pink Icing'
A great bonus to these lipsticks is that even though they aren't matte at they are still fairly pigmented. I wasn't expecting them to be at all as they are cheaper as well at £4.50 each, so I was really impressed when I applied them! You can see from my swatches how pigmented they are. The staying power isn't amazing but you can't expect that with this type of formula. They are so quite and easy to apply and reapply, I have been using Pink Icing almost everyday recently! 

I'm so glad I got these in my goodie bag and I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing a couple more, the red shades look absolutely gorgeous for Winter.
Have you tried any of these W7 Butter Kiss Lipsticks?
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