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Puriskin Resurfacing Formula

Puriskin Resurfacing Formula review

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in support of this I wanted to talk to you about the Puriskin Resurfacing Formula*. 20% of the sales of this product go to the charity Passionate Pink, whose aim is to help those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

This cream was of interest to me as it aims to improve the appearance of damaged areas of the skin ranging from scarring, ingrown hairs, uneven skin tone or texture, stretchmarks and razor bumps. I have quite a few scars on my body and some areas on my face which was caused by spots when I was younger, so I was interested to see if this cream had an effect. The formula contains a complex of natural essential oils including tigergrass and comfrey plant which work together to hydrate and tone damaged areas of skin. I’m always a fan of anything that contains natural ingredients as I suffer with quite sensitive skin.  

Puriskin Resurfacing Formula review

I noticed in the directions it says to try and apply this morning and night to get the best results so I have been trying to do this when I can. I do prefer applying this at night though after taking off my makeup as it leaves my skin feeling really soft and I can still feel the effect of it in the morning.

I haven’t yet noticed whether or not it has improved the appearance of blemishes and damaged areas of my skin - I think this may be something that gradually improves over time. However, I have definitely noticed the soothing affect it has on my skin. Even though I have combination skin, during the colder months of the year I get dry areas of skin on my face and this cream has definitely improved these areas. My skin feels much softer and hydrated and it hasn't irritated these areas at all - this is quite impressive to me as so many creams just don't work for me.

I also have to mention how lovely this cream smells. It is a lovely thick formula which blends into the skin really well and smells so refreshing and clean.

I'm very glad I've found a cream that works for me and I can see myself using this a lot over the next few months as it gets colder outside. This cream can be used on the whole body and not just the face - so I will definitely be trying this out on other parts of my body soon and seeing how it works.

Have you tried the Puriskin Resurfacing Formula?

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