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Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Lightening Spray

Jerome Russell Bblonde Lightening Spray

As a blonde who gets my hair highlighted every 6-8 weeks, I like to try and keep that salon fresh bright blonde for as long as I can. Most of you other blondes out there will know that unfortunately after a few weeks the colour can fade darker and leave you with brassy yellow tones. There are a lot of products I use for this including shampoos and conditioners for blondes and purple shampoo. I have only tried one other brightening spray before now which was the John Frieda Go Blonder Controlled Spray and I really liked this so I was excited to try out another one. 

Jerome Russell Bblonde has been voted the UK's no.1 blonding brand and have been around for over 30 years. This instantly makes me feel confident about a brand as they have a lot of experience in what works for blonde hair. I was offered the chance to try one of their products and I knew straight away I wanted to go for the Lightening Spray* as I hadn't had my hair coloured for awhile at that point so it was the perfect opportunity to try this out. 

Jerome Russell Bblonde Lightening Spray
Jerome Russell Bblonde Lightening Spray

This spray is a permanent lightener and contains hydrogen peroxide so it is really important to read all the instructions and follow them when using this as you don't want to end up damaging your hair. They advise you to carry out a skin sensitivity test and a strand test to make sure you don't react to the product, I chose not to do this as I haven't had a problem with products like this before but it's up to you if you want to do that or not. It's probably best to definitely do this if you have sensitive skin.

After the test, the instructions say to spray evenly through clean, towel dried hair then blow dry and style as desired. The spray works better with heat applied to it so I always use it when my hair is wet and then blow dry and straighten my hair. 

Jerome Russell Bblonde Lightening Spray

Results should start to be seen after three applications and you should only use this spray up to ten times as maximum lightening should be achieved by then. The outcome of this spray will vary depending on the shade of your hair, as you can see above it can be used on light brown to light blonde hair but you shouldn't use this if you have dark brown hair. I have quite light blonde hair so I was hoping to get the lightest result that's possible. 

Jerome Russell Bblonde Lightening Spray - before and after
I definitely started to see results after around three uses. You can see in the top picture above my hair before using the spray, it was quite a dull shade of blonde and you can clearly see my roots coming through. The bottom picture shows my hair after using the spray over five applications. I spread out these applications leaving a few days in between so there is around three weeks from when I took the before picture and the after picture.

You can see my hair after using the spray has definitely got lighter. The spray has brightened up my dull blonde hair and given it a much lighter golden shade. I was really impressed with how well the spray lightened my hair, I didn't even realise how much it had worked until I looked back at the before picture! (neither of these pictures have been edited). Since using the spray I have been using purple shampoo to add platinum tones to the golden shade and keep it from going dull quickly. I absolutely love the combination of this lightening spray and purple shampoo and am pleased to say it has definitely delayed my trip to the hairdressers for a few more weeks!

As if I didn't already love this spray enough it also has an amazing added bonus - it contains thermal protector so it reduces the damage caused by applying heat onto the hair.

This Bblonde Lightening Spray retails at only £5.99 which is very reasonable when you compare it to the cost of getting your hair coloured at the hairdressers! 

Have you tried any products from Bblonde? 
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