Friday, 16 October 2015

10 Makeup Tips You Might Not Know Already

I have been a beauty blogger for over a year now and I hadn’t realised until thinking about it the other day how much I have actually learnt about makeup since starting out. I have always been obsessed with makeup and thought I knew most beauty tips and tricks out there already, but it turns out there was a lot I didn’t know about! Reading beauty blogs is so fun and I love finding out about other people’s beauty regimes. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a few of my favourite tips, hope you enjoy reading!

1. Makeup expires – I always kind of knew that makeup expires but have never paid attention to it as I didn’t really think it mattered. This was until I read a few blog posts about why it is important to be aware of this. Out of date makeup is essentially like out of date food – it can harvest bacteria and cause skin irritations. Did anyone else see on the news a few weeks ago that the meningitis virus was found in old out of date makeup?! NO THANKS. If you want to find out when makeup expires, Hayley from The Glasgow Girl has written a really great post (How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup?).

2. Use tape when applying eyeshadow or winged eyeliner – This has literally been a saviour. Using tape allows you to get a really neat line and make sure your eyeliner is even on both eyes. I learnt how to do this by watching some YouTube tutorials so I recommend having a look there if you haven’t tried this already.

3. Heat your eyelash curler with your hairdryer – For a while I wanted to buy one of those fancy heated eyelash curlers until I realised that it was possible just to heat up the one you already have. I hold my eyelash curler under my hairdryer for a few seconds before curling my eyelashes and it makes the curl hold for so much longer. I don’t recommend doing this everyday though as heat can damage the hairs.

4. Apply foundation after eye makeup – For years my makeup routine was to apply my foundation and other face products first and eye makeup last.  When I read somewhere that it sometimes might be better to do your eye makeup first I was not convinced. This was until I tried it! Doing your eye makeup first allows you to wipe away any fallout or mistakes you make without worrying about messing up your foundation and having to do it all again. I find this much easier if I’m doing a heavier eye look where you can get more fallout.

5. Use concealer after doing eyebrows – I always wondered how that perfect flawless eyebrow look is achieved. I thought I just wasn’t really that good at drawing on my eyebrows as they never looked as neat as some and it does require a steady hand! However, after watching some YouTube tutorials I noticed how almost all of them finish with going around the eyebrows with concealer. This gives such a lovely defined line and makes the eyebrows look amazing!

6. Use white eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger – I used to always use black eyeliner on my waterline. I did sometimes feel like it made my eyes look smaller but I don’t like having no eyeliner at all as I feel bare. I recently tried using white eyeliner instead of black on my waterline and I absolutely love the effect it gives. It makes the eyes look so big and bright and now I do this almost every day.

7. Don’t pump your mascara – I never even realised there was anything wrong with doing this until I read it on a blog a while ago. Pumping the mascara wand in and out of the tube lets lots of air in which can cause it to dry out really quickly. I try to never do this even though it is tempting sometimes!

8. Use hairspray to seal makeup – This is one that some of you may frown upon as I realise it’s not exactly great for you skin to spray hairspray on it. I only do this if I’ve run out of makeup setting spray or am going on a night out and I find it seals the makeup really well.

9. Use lip liner – Before I started beauty blogging I had never used lip liner as I didn’t really understand why you needed it as well as lipstick. How wrong I was! After reading blog posts about different lip liners I was curious to try one and I haven’t looked back since. Using lip liner underneath a lipstick makes the staying power ten times better – it lasts for hours. I have also started using lip liner for nights out to extend my lips and make them look better which I absolutely love the effect of.

10. Apply concealer in a triangle shape – This is a trick I only learnt after starting blogging and probably one of my favourites. If you apply concealer in an upside down triangle shape under the eyes it brightens up the face and draws attention to the eyes and away from any darkness.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you if you didn't know them already! What are your favourite beauty tips?

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