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Seventeen Makeup | First Impressions

Seventeen Makeup
Seventeen Makeup
Seventeen Makeup

I have to admit Seventeen is a brand of makeup I haven’t really paid much attention to in Boots over the last few years. I do remember it being popular when I was in school – it was definitely cool to have at the time but I think I left it behind as I grew older and discovered new brands. What I had apparently completed missed is that Seventeen has had a complete brand overhaul, gone are the days of ‘17’ being their logo. I recently received this lovely package full of Seventeen goodies and I was instantly impressed when I saw the products, they have seriously upped their game with their design and packaging and I absolutely love it.

A review of Seventeen Makeup
As I haven’t tried Seventeen since before their redesign I was so excited to try all these products out and see if the quality matches their new sophisticated design. I was sent five products from their makeup range which I have been using for the last couple of weeks, keep reading to find out what I think of them so far.
This is probably the one that excited me the most as I absolutely love contouring my face and experimenting with different products to do so. I recently purchased the RealTechniques Bold Metals Flat Contour brush which I have been using to apply this bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and down the sides of my nose and it is perfect for it. It is a lovely shade of bronzer, not orange at all and is matte which I find best for contouring. The lighter powder can be used to highlight the top of your cheekbones, centre of the forehead and centre of the nose. As the lighter powder is matte too I have been applying some MAC Soft and Gentle on top to give a glow and I absolutely love the effect of using them together. This set also comes with a picture guide of how to contour and has a lovely big mirror inside. Little extras like this are a great bonus when the price is only £5.99 – it’s got a big thumbs up from me!

I absolutely love shimmer bricks, I had the Bobbi Brown one but it ran out a while ago so it’s great to try out a new one. Shimmer bricks are great as they have so many different uses. This Seventeen shimmer brick can be used as a bronzer to add glow to the cheeks, or you can use the individual shades to contour and highlight. You could even use the shades as eyeshadows so it’s really versatile, and all for £4.99 which is great value. The lighter shades are my favourite, I have been using them to highlight my brow bone.

I have to admit the primer is probably my least favourite, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with the product it’s just not personally something I would be likely to use often. Seventeen state this is a three way primer which can be used to prime, added to foundation or applied onto cheekbones as a highlighter. As I have oily/combination skin I like to keep my primer and foundation as matte as possible so wouldn’t be using it for that. However I imagine if you have dry skin and like an added glow this would be a great product. I have used this a couple of times as a highlighter and it is great, a little goes a long way and it brightens the skin really well. My favourite way to use this product is to highlight the brow bone and as an eyeshadow primer.

 A review of Seventeen makeup brow kit
I’ve only tried this out a couple of times so far and I already know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it. What you get in this kit is really impressive for the small price of £5.99. It comes with a wax, a powder, a highlighter, a pencil and a brush. I really like the wax and powder, it only comes in one shade which is quite dark so might not be the best if you are blonde, however I personally quite like to colour my eyebrows darker than my hair so it’s perfect for me. The pencil is great to when I’m in more of a rush I use this, plus it’s the perfect handbag size for a quick brow touch up! This kit also comes with a handy guide showing you how to use this kit which is  a great bonus.
This mascara is my absolute favourite out of them all which was quite a shock to me. I have been using Benefit They’re Real for a while and nothing has really compared to it until now, which I actually can’t believe I’m saying! The quality of this mascara is really great, it adds lots of volume and length and doesn’t seem to clump at all. The tip of the brush is slightly smaller which allows more accuracy when applied to smaller lashes in the corners, this is a big plus for me. I have honestly used this mascara everyday since I received it and I’m really impressed, I can definitely say I’ll be purchasing this when it runs out.
Seventeen makeup swatches
Left to right - Primer, Shimmer Brick, Contour Kit

You can probably tell already I am so impressed with all of these Seventeen makeup pieces. After not trying Seventeen for a few years I can now honestly say it is now becoming one of my favourite brands for reasonably priced makeup. The packaging gives a high end feel and the quality is very impressive. I am already reaching for these almost everyday now (especially the mascara and contour kit) and I'm sure I will be for a long time.

Have you tried Seventeen makeup? What are you favourite pieces?

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