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Organic Beauty Week | Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum

Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum

 This week is Organic Beauty Week organised by the Soil Association charity. If you aren’t aware of Soil Association already, below explains a bit about what they do. 

“At Soil Association, we believe in educating and empowering consumers to shop for organic products so they know and understand exactly what they’re buying so we are launching our Campaign for Clarity, calling on brands to be honest and open in their claims and organic content and inviting consumers to join the campaign and fight for a better understanding of organic beauty and what it all actually means”. 

I’m talking about Organic Beauty Week on my blog as I feel quite strongly about brands that possibly mislead customers and state they are organic when actually a lot of their ingredients aren’t organic or natural. The rules on whether or not a brand can call themselves organic can be very confusing to understand so I think this Campaign for Clarity is much needed! 

I was recently introduced to Antipodes, a natural skincare brand from New Zealand. They are certified organic meaning all of their products use between 70 - 95% organic ingredients. In addition to this, all of their products feature full recyclable bottles and biodegradable card. Having read up about Antipodes I have been really impressed (and apparently Cara Delevingne is a fan!) so I thought it would be perfect to mention them during Organic Beauty Week.  

For the last few weeks I have been incorporating the Antipodes Hosanna H2O Skin Plumping Serum* into my skincare routine. This is a water-charged and oil –free serum which quenches thirsty skin by hydrating the skin cells. It is plumping, smoothing, softening with the aim of improving the skins appearance over time.  I suffer with combination skin so it can be both oily and dry in different areas (very annoying) so the fact that this is oil free and hydrating is the perfect formula for me. 
Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum
I love that all of Antipodes products contain completely natural ingredients and this serum features vinanza grape and mamaku black fern – both of which I had never heard of until now but they sound great and aim to work together to make the skin look healthy and plump. The serum comes in a bottle with a squeezey tube which allows you to pick up the exact amount of product you want and drop onto the face. It has an almost herbal scent which is absolutely gorgeous and reminded me of being in a spa – very relaxing! It’s perfect to apply in the night time before bed. After using this serum for the first time I instantly noticed how soft my skin felt, it definitely is hydrating and I think it would be perfect for anyone that suffers with dry skin. I also mention quite a lot on my blog that my skin is sensitive, so I love the fact that this contains all natural ingredients which are kind to the skin. 

Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum
This serum has been scientifically proven to boost type 1 collagen production by up to 72%. A quick explanation if you aren’t sure what this means… Collagen is a type of protein found in our bodies which make up the structure for skin, tendons, joints, cartilage etc. There are more than 20 types of collagen but types 1, 2 and 3 are found mainly in the skin. When we get older, collagen levels begin to decline and this is what causes wrinkles and saggy areas around the neck for example. Collagen supplements are used to increase collagen levels in the skin. So it is quite impressive that this serum has been proven to boost collagen levels. You might be thinking that this is a product best to use as you get older and not now, but I believe there’s absolutely no harm in using anti-aging products whenever you want as they always have great benefits for the skin regardless of your age. The main reason I like this serum so much is because of how hydrating and softening it is to the skin.  

I will definitely be continuing to use this serum in my evening skin care routine, it is perfect for a quick pamper session and I love the results. It retails at £28.99 on Feel Unique which does seem quite expensive for this small bottle but a little product definitely goes a long way! 

Have you heard of Antipodes before? Does this sound like product you would want to try? 

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