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MAC Lipsticks | Saint Germain & Honeylove

A review of MAC lipsticks Honeylove and Saint Germain
A review of MAC Saint Germain and MAC Honeylove Lipsticks
There is nothing I love more than a new MAC lipstick – I am absolutely lipstick obsessed! So when I got these two for my birthday a couple of weeks ago I was so excited. Saint Germain and Honey Love are shades which have been on my wish list for so long and they seem to be very popular in the beauty world.

Saint Germain
A review of MAC lipstick Saint Germain
I first came across Saint Germain when one my friends was wearing it and I fell in love straight away. It is such lovely colour and I knew it has to be added to my collection of pinks. Saint Germain is described on the MAC website as a ‘clean pastel pink’ and this is exactly what it is. It is a cool toned pink so it can also look a bit lilac/lavender in some lighting.
Saint Germain is an Amplified Sheen formula which means it is very pigmented and semi matte. I really like this lipstick finish, only one swipe on your lips give you such a bold colour. It looks darker in the tube but when applied (and you can see in my swatch below) it is quite a light pastel pink. I don’t think it would suit every skin tone and probably won’t be to everyone’s taste either. I think it suits lighter skin tones better but if you aren’t sure you can always test it out at a MAC counter. I like to apply a pink lip gloss over it which I think makes the shade more wearable. 
As it is pastel and has a semi matte finish it can be quite drying on the lips. To stop this I always make sure I moisturise my lips before and that’s another reason why I like to add a gloss after applying. The high pigmentation of this lipstick means it lasts on the lips for absolutely ages which is a big plus for me – I hate it when a lipstick rubs off straight away.
Saint Germain is such a fun and girly shade of pink, I have already worn it quite a few times and I’m very happy to add this to my collection.
A review of MAC Honeylove lipstick
I mentioned in a previous post that I am completely obsessed with nude lipsticks at the moment and Honeylove is one I have tried to purchase a couple of times but it has been out of stock so I am very excited to have it. It is a gorgeous nude colour and described by MAC as ‘light beige toned with rose’. I’m not sure I can see the rose in it, to me it is a very true beige nude with peachy tones if anything.

Honeylove is a matte formula, which is my favourite lipstick finish from MAC. A lot of matte lipsticks can be quite drying but I have never had this issue with any of the ones I have from MAC, they are always creamy and glide on really well. If you do tend to have quite dry lips you can apply lots of lip balm before applying and possibly a gloss on top which really helps. The reason I love the matte formula so much is because they are always extremely pigmented and very long lasting. Honeylove is no different – one swipe and your lips are a beautiful nude shade which lasts for hours.
I have been applying Honeylove with MAC Boldly Bare lip liner underneath and I absolutely love the combination. Having the lip liner as well makes the staying power even better and I have been so impressed with how well it lasts on my lips.

Swatches of MAC lipsticks Saint Germain and Honeylove
Left - Saint Germain, Right - Honeylove

 Have you tried Saint Germain or Honeylove? What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?
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