Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Everyday Essential Makeup Brushes

It occurred to me recently that I have rarely talked about my makeup brushes on my blog, I’m always blogging about makeup but never what I use to apply it. So I thought it might be a nice idea to share with you my favourite makeup brushes which I absolutely love and find myself reaching for every day.

USpicy Foundation Brush - I blogged a couple of months ago about the USpicy 10 piece brush set I bought on Amazon after reading Carly's review of it on her blog Carly's Beauty World. Ever since purchasing it I have loved it, I am so impressed with the quality of the brushes and the set only costs £9.99! Although I love all the brushes in this set, there is one which I find myself reaching for everyday to apply my foundation. I have been using it for months now and it is perfect for applying and blending foundation. It is really soft and doesn't shed at all which I might have expected from cheaper brushes. I really recommend this brush set, if you want to read my full review of the set click here.

Elf Complexion Brush -  I use this brush pretty much everyday to apply my bronzer, it is the perfect angled shape which allows you to easily apply and contour. It doesn’t give a defined contoured look as it is too big, but it allows you achieve a quick easy bronzer application so it perfect for everyday when you aren’t looking to spend ages on your makeup.  It was only £3.95 which is so reasonable, Elf currently are refurbishing their UK website, so when it is available again I will definitely need to get my hands on some more brushes.

Real Techniques Blush Brush– I have been a big fan of Real Techniques for years now, they are such good quality brushes and very affordable. I have a few Real Techniques brushes in my collection but there are a couple which really stand out for me. The first is this blush brush. Like with all Real Techniques brushes, the bristles are so soft and it doesn't shed at all. I find this brush perfect for applying blusher, it picks up the product well without much effort and the size allows you to blend it in really well. Although I prefer to use this brush for applying blusher, it can be used for a range of purposes as well. I have tried it for all-over powdering and for applying bronzer, both of which works really well too.
Real Techniques Setting Brush - The second brush from Real Techniques which I absolutely love is the setting brush. This is quite a small brush which can be used for applying powder in specific areas like under the eyes, or for applying powder highlighter. I use it to apply highlighter onto my cheekbones and down my nose. The size of it makes it really easy to get a a precise application and it picks up product really well. Again like all Real Techniques brushes I have tried it is so soft, doesn't shed and washes well.

Topshop Eyebrow Brush - I picked up this brush a while ago in a Topshop sale, I think it was only around £3. For this price I wasn't really expecting much but I have been pleasantly suprised by the quality. It it the perfect size brush to apply powder/wax onto the eyebrows. It is angled and strong as well which allows you to get a really defined line on the brows. I have washed it a few times since purchasing it and it washes well. It still is in perfect condition - I think this is quite impressive for a cheaper brush.

Urban Decay Naked Palette Brush - My Urban Decay Naked palette is my absolute favourite eyeshadow palette ever - seriously recommend if you haven't tried it! As well as the amazing quality eyeshadows, it also comes with a great brush to apply with. It is a double ended brush, with one end larger to apply colour over the whole lid and the other end smaller to apply into the crease or create a more defined look. I wear eyeshadow most days and I always find myself reaching for this brush. It is so soft when applying on the eyelid, it picks up product well and is the perfect size.
Do you use any of these brushes? What are your everyday essential makeup brushes?  
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