Wednesday, 29 July 2015

New MAC Lipstick | Candy Yum Yum

A review of MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

Oh look another post about a MAC lipstick… I definitely have an addiction! The most recent addition to my collection is Candy Yum Yum. This is one which has been on my wish list for ages now – so when I went to duty free in the airport before my holiday I had to pick it up, it is the perfect summer shade. I love everything about Candy Yum Yum, the name is so fun and the colour is absolutely amazing. It is such a bright neon pink, I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else.
A review of MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick
MAC Candy Yum Yum - £15.50
Candy Yum Yum is a matte lipstick, which has quickly become my favourite type of finish from MAC. You might expect it to be quite drying on the lips, but I don’t find it drying at all, in fact I find it is slightly creamy on the lips when first applied which is lovely. The best thing about matte lipsticks is the staying power - when applied this lipstick lasts on the lips for a good few hours without budging and even when it wears off it leaves a bright pink stain that’s lovely as well. Another thing I love about matte lipsticks is they are usually so pigmented. Candy Yum Yum is no different, it is extremely pigmented and gives great colour pay off with only one swipe on the lips. It also has that signature sweet vanilla scent that most MAC lipsticks tend to have which is really nice.
When I was deciding if I wanted this lipstick, I googled it as I always do which helps to see the shade in different lightings and get more of a feel for the colour, I noticed how lovely it looks on all different skin tones. It is such a flattering shade, so if you are thinking this isn't one for you, or you find the neon brightness a bit scary - I recommend giving it a try. It might be your perfect summer shade - it definitely is mine!
A Swatch of MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

Have you tried Candy Yum Yum? Is this a shade you would wear?


Friday, 24 July 2015

MAC Lipsticks | Top 3 Nudes

From left to right - Please Me, Sandy B, Yash
Nude lipsticks are a fairly recent addition to my lipstick collection, until a few months ago I had never even tried a nude lipstick on, I always went for pink as my go to shade. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to try out a nude shade as they are so popular. I finally decided to experiment with some nude shades in MAC and now I absolutely love them! I currently have three in my collection so I thought I would share these with you in a blog post.

Please Me – Technically Please Me isn’t a nude it's a pink, but as I normally go for brighter pink shades this definitely comes under the nude category for me. It is very subtle pink shade, described by MAC as a muted rosy tinted pink. It is a matte formula, which has quickly become my favourite type of lipstick from MAC. It is very creamy, long wearing and highly pigmented. Some may find the matte formula quite drying, it may be if you naturally have dry lips, but I don’t find this a problem and if it does feel slightly dry I just pop a coat of lip balm or lip gloss over the top. I like Please Me so much because it is the perfect toned down shade of pink that doesn’t clash if you are wearing different colour clothes, but still gives you a pop of colour which can be especially nice during the summer months.  I have written a full review of this lipstick here.
Sandy B – Sandy B is a pale peachy pink colour with a golden shimmer running through it and a frost finish. I have absolutely fallen in love with this shade and it is definitely a summer favourite of mine. The formula is very moisturising and it can be applied lightly for a subtle sheer more day time finish, or layered for more of a dramatic effect. I find when I build this colour up it is absolutely gorgeous and the golden shimmer makes it perfect for an evening look. The frost finish means it is not the most pigmented lipstick, which is why I prefer to layer it a couple times and it is not as long lasting as a matte formula. It is very creamy and moisturising so may be a good choice if you suffer with dry lips. When applied this lipstick gives such a lovely warmth and healthy glow to the lips –it really brightens the skin which is why I think it is the perfect summer shade. The peachy pink shade is natural and neutral enough to be classed a nude lipstick and it will go with almost anything. I have written a full review of Sandy B here.
Yash – This was a bit of an unplanned purchase, I originally went out to buy Honeylove as I had seen a lot of good reviews about it, but unfortunately it was sold out and the lady in MAC recommended I try Yash. It is a slightly darker nude than Honeylove so I wasn’t sure at first, but after trying it on I really liked it. I actually prefer it to Honeylove as it is a slightly orange tinted light brown nude which I have found is very flattering with a tan. It could possibly be too heavy for those of you with a fair complexion, but I have been continuing to wear it since my tan has faded and I still really like it, so it just depends what you feel suits you. Like Please Me, Yash is a matte formula so again could be drying on the lips. I don’t find it drying at all, it is very creamy and easy to apply. It lasts really well on the lips and doesn’t bleed at all which is my favourite thing about matte lipsticks. It has become my go to everyday shade for work as it goes with everything and is easy to apply in the morning and not worry about for a few hours.

Do you have any of these nudes? What are you favourite nude lipsticks?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hideout Festival | Croatia

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been blogging as much recently and that's because I've been away for 10 days in Croatia. Croatia wasn't a country that was top of my list to visit, it just never really crossed my mind until my boyfriend and I came across Hideout Festival, which is a house and drum & bass music festival in Pag. We are both big fans of this kind of music, and after watching the videos and seeing pictures from Hideout 2014 we knew we wanted to be there in 2015! 

We originally tried to get a group together to go, but it is can be difficult to organise and the tickets sell out so quickly, so we decided to just go ahead and buy them before they sold out. As we were going as a couple we wanted to make this a relaxing holiday and not just a partying holiday so we got the best of both. It took a lot of planning deciding where to stay and what to do and I'm so happy to say it was such an amazing holiday, I have been so excited to share it with everyone on my blog.

We chose to fly from London to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia as it had the best flight deal. We stayed for one night in the Esplanade Hotel which was absolutely gorgeous. We spent the afternoon and evening there exploring the centre of Zagreb which was such a lovely city, the building are absolutely gorgeous. I really recommend a visit there if you are going to Croatia.

The next morning we enjoyed this yummy breakfast and got ready for a long coach ride to Pag. It's not the easiest place to get to, you can't fly directly to Pag so you have to travel quite far to get there, but it was definitely worth it. 

Most people going to the festival usually book apartments or camp, but as we wanted to make this a relaxing holiday as well we decided to book the Luna Island Hotel. We arrived at the hotel in the evening and straight away I fell in love with this view!

Obviously the first thing I did was get my hands on a cocktail....

We spent the first couple of days relaxing by the pool, enjoying the gorgeous weather and trying to get as much of a tan as I could before the festival started!

I found the most amazing swimming spot just outside the hotel and when for a swim here almost every day, swimming in the sea is one of my favourite things.

As for the festival itself, it was absolutely amazing! It is held on Zcre beach and there were four clubs on the beach front. Everyday there was a pool party at each club from 2pm until 8pm with a great line up of DJ’s. Then in the evenings the clubs are open until 6am where the partying continues with DJ’s playing all night.

The pool parties were definitely my favourite - it was so much fun dancing to amazing music and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

I tried to get creative with some pink hair chalk which I loved the effect of even though it didn’t last long!  

One of the highlights for me was MK's pool party. Anyone that likes house music I'm sure will be a fan of MK, it was such an amazing set and probably my favourite day of the festival.

Another highlight was watching Duke Dumont perform his set on stage with him. By an amazing coincidence, Duke Dumont and his manager were staying in the same hotel as us, so we got chatting and this is how we ended up on stage with him in front of a 4,000 people audience - it was the most incredible experience!

After the festival ended, we had another day before our flight home to get some final sunbathing done and enjoy some relaxing at the hotel.

I had the most amazing time at Hideout Festival, I really recommend it to anyone who enjoys this kind of music. As for Croatia itself, it's a beautiful country and I hope to go back again and explore some other parts.

Here's to next year!
Have you been to Croatia? Would you be interested in Hideout Festival?


Friday, 17 July 2015

Ladbrokes Wimbledon Summer Party

To celebrate the final round of Wimbledon last weekend, myself and other UK bloggers were invited to a Wimbledon Summer Party in London hosted by Ladbrokes. When I first saw the invite to this pop up in my inbox I was so excited, I am a big fan of watching Wimbledon - tennis is one of the only sports that I actually understand and enjoy watching.
To keep in with the Wimbledon theme, the dress code was white. Unfortunately I didn't have any white dresses to wear and didn't have time to buy one beforehand, so I had to go with white jeans and an orange top. However I did try and make an extra effort with white heels, white nails and a white bag!
When I arrived, I was blown away by the gorgeous decorations. The Ladbrokes team did such a good job setting up the venue and keeping in with the Wimbledon theme. There was an endless suppy of Pimms, Prosecco, very tasty looking cupcakes and lots of tennis themed goodies. As well as some pretty bunting which gave a real summer feel (and strawberries of course).

The evening began with lots of Pimms drinking, catching up with some familiar faces and getting to know bloggers I haven't met before. This is my favourite thing about attending blogger events - it's so nice to meet bloggers I follow in person.

The Ladbrokes team had organised some really fun activities for us to take part in throughout the evening to win some prizes, the first being a Wimbledon quiz. Although I love Wimbledon I have to admit most of my answers were guesses! But it was still so much fun taking part and we all had a giggle trying to work out the correct answers.
There was also some beer pong (tennis pong) to take part in, a celebrity selfie challenge which was so much fun and a strawberry piƱata that we each had to attempt to crack whilst blindfolded. This proved rather difficult but eventually we beat it and Fran won a bottle of Pimms for her amazing effort!
After we completed all the challenges set for us by the Ladbrokes team we continued to chat away and finish off all the Pimms which was so yummy. 
Of course we had to get a few selfies in too... I even had one with Andy Murray! (haha).
We ended the night with a group photo and we were each given a really cute personalised goodie bag full of sweets which was a lovely touch.

I had such a fun evening at the Wimbledon Summer Party, thank you so much to all the Ladbrokes team for inviting me along and organising a really great event. Although I didn't win any of the prizes I did get to take home lots of sweets and one of these tennis caps which we all got a bit attached to and didn't want to take off even when we left!

 You can read more about the Ladbrokes Wimbledon Summer Party here on their page.


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cocoa Brown | Tough Stuff Body Scrub & 1 Hour Tan Mousse

Anyone that reads my blog will probably know already that I am a massive fan of fake tan. I hardly ever go a week without tanning, there's just something about having a tan that makes me feel good and I have tried out so many different brands. Over the last few months I have been seeing Cocoa Brown tanning products talked about everywhere, it seems to be a current favourite with beauty bloggers and even Kylie Jenner has said how much she loves it! 

I have been meaning to get my hands on some for awhile, so I was really excited when I was sent a couple of products to review on my blog. 

I decided to choose the Tough Stuff Body Scrub* and the 1 Hour Tanning Mousse*. I was so excited when they arrived, as you can see they came beautifully presented in this pink packaging and there was a lovely personal note from Marissa herself saying 'Happy Tanning Jenny' which made my day. As a blogger I absolutely love trying out new products, and I especially couldn't wait to try out one of the most talked about fake tan brands at the moment! 

Tough Stuff Body Scrub - £4.99
I jumped straight in the shower that evening to try out this tough stuff body scrub. At the time I had some old fake tan which I needed to get rid of so it was perfect timing to use this scrub to remove it and prepare my skin for a new application of fake tan. It can sometimes feel like a chore scrubbing away old fake tan and exfoliating skin before applying more tan, but this scrub made it really easy. The first thing I noticed was how gorgeous it smelt, it has a really sweet, refreshing smell and it is a lovely bright pink colour. 

It is essential to exfoliate the skin before fake tanning as it will give you a much more even tan. This scrub did such a good job. I normally apply it into my hands and then rub it into my skin directly as I have quite sensitive skin, but if you like a deeper exfoliation you can rub it in with an exfoliating mitt. What I liked the most is that it didn't irritate my skin or make it red at all which can sometimes happen when you have sensitive skin. I didn't feel like I had to scrub the same areas over and over again, the old fake tan seemed to come away quite quickly.

1 Hour Tan Mousse - £7.99
After I had exfoliated my skin and removed the old tan with the tough stuff body scrub, it was time to apply some fresh tan and I couldn't wait to use my new Cocoa Brown tanning mousse as I have heard great things about this particular product. What appealed to me the most is that it gives you colour in just one hour - this is a feature I always look for in a tan as I often apply it before I go out, so I don't want to wait too long before washing it off. 

I was kindly sent a new fake tan mitt as well, so I used this to apply the mousse all over my body. I much prefer applying tan with a mitt rather than gloves as I find it gives a much more even coverage and allows you to apply the tan quickly. I was impressed at the speed at which the mousse dried on the skin, I didn't feel like I had to hang around waiting for it to dry before getting dressed which can sometimes be a pain with other fake tans. I also noticed straight away how lovely it smells, I couldn't pin point what it was but after looking on the website I can see the scent is ' Tahitian Gardenia' which is just gorgeous. 

I left this tan on for around two hours before washing off and it left a lovely colour which I was really happy with. It wasn't orange at all and gave a medium glow which is said it would do on the website after leaving on for two hours. This is one of the features I like most about this tan, after one hour you get a light glow, two hours a medium glow and three hours a dark glow. It is very versatile and therefore will suit the needs of a lot of people - you can read more about what it does on the website here.

The tan lasted for around 3-4 days on my skin from only one application which I think is really impressive. It faded evenly and I didn't notice any patches in awkward areas like the elbows and knees, probably due to the tough stuff body scrub which is now definitely a favourite! I have since applied this tan again, leaving it on for longer and applying it two nights in a row, this gave such a lovely deep tan which was exactly what I wanted before going on holiday so I didn't look pale before getting a natural tan. Now that I have come back from holiday I will be continuing to apply this as my natural tan is beginning to fade and I don't believe in using sun beds (fake tan all the way). 

I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to try out these Cocoa Brown products as I can honestly say I love them and they definitely live up to the hype surrounding them! I have noticed they have a few more products in their range, I particularly like the look of the Chocolate Whip Body Moisturiser and the Lovely Legs Spray - I think I might be purchasing these soon as they are so reasonably priced. If you are in the UK, Cocoa Brown products are available to buy in Tesco, Superdrug and Primark. For all other places you can find Cocoa Brown you can see here on their website. 

Have you tried Cocoa Brown before? What's your favourite product?

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