Thursday, 18 June 2015

MAC Lipsticks | Top 3 Summer Pinks

(Left to Right) Lustering, Pink Nouveau, Show Orchid
One of the things I get really excited about when summer comes around is getting out those brightly colour lipsticks. I am so obsessed with wearing bright colours during the summer (especially pink) so I thought I would share with you my top three pink lip shades from MAC which I can’t get enough of at the moment and are definitely my go to colours for summer 2015.

Lustering – This is one of the first mac lipsticks I ever bought and definitely one of my favourites. This one has lasted me ages, I go through phases with it where forget about it and then remember and wear it every day for a while! At the moment I am going through the phase where I just can’t stop wearing it. Lustering is a lustre finish by mac. This means it gives sheer coverage and a glossy finish. This kind of finish doesn’t last as long as some of the others, but I find it perfect for the summer months as it is lightweight and not drying at all. It is a great everyday shade which I like to wear to the office, as it doesn’t stand out too much but still gives a lovely noticeable warm pink colour with a slight hint of red to it.

Pink Nouveau – I imagine this shade is one that won’t be to a lot of people taste as it is a very Barbie pink, but it is probably my favourite of all three. Outside of work, I wear this lipstick almost every day during the summer (as long as my outfit goes with it!). It is a cool, blue toned pink that I feel would suit most skin tones, but looks especially lovely with a tan. It is a satin finish, so it is quite matte but has an added sheen and therefore is a little bit less drying on the lips which is perfect for summer. The coverage is really long lasting which is another reason why I find it great for every day as I just apply it in the morning and it’s still there five hours later looking lovely and bright. Read my full review here.

Show Orchid – As you can see from the picture, this one is a very bright fuchsia pink shade with a blueish sheen to it. This is a very bold shade so one that I definitely keep for the evenings as I’m not quite confident enough to wear it during the day time. It is an Amplified finish which is similar to matte as it has great longevity, but it is much less drying and has a slight sheen to it. I absolutely love wearing this colour during the summer, it is such a fun shade and perfect to liven up an evening outfit. Read my full review here.

What are your favourite shades for summer?

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