Monday, 15 June 2015

Iconemesis iPhone Case

I absolutely love getting a new phone case for my iPhone. There is just something exciting about it which makes me feel like I have a brand new phone for awhile (anyone else get this?!) I also always make sure I have a case on it as it helps so much to protect the phone from scratches etc - my iPhone still looks brand new when I take the case off it.

When Iconemesis contacted me asking if I'd like to try out one of their phone cases, I was excited to see what they had available. I have had a pink Victoria's Secret case on my phone for awhile now so it was perfect timing to try something different. I started browsing their iPhone Pinterest board (here) to see what designs they had available and was impressed with the wide selection they have on offer. There was quite a few I liked, but as soon as I saw this pug phone case* I fell in love. I am absolutely obsessed with pugs - they are SO cute and it is my dream to have one of my own once I get my own house. I already have way too many things with pugs on, including t-shirts, socks, even a cushion.. so why not add a phone case to my collection!

What I really like about the case is that the design is completely unique. Iconemesis collaborate with independent artists and illustrators to create all their phone cases, so each one is unique. This pug phone case is designed by Gemma Correll and I absolutely love it. The pugs look great and I love the colours she has used - it is a great case to have on my phone during Summer.

So far I am really impressed with the quality. It is really strong and not flimsy at all so I feel like my phone is protected. One thing I have learnt since using phone cases is that it is definitely worth investing in a good quality one, I have bought I couple of cheap ones which just snap almost straight away. The Iconemesis phone cases range from about £10- £15 on their wesbite here, which I think is quite reasonable considering the quality.

Have you heard of Iconemesis? What's your favourite design from their website?

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