Thursday, 21 May 2015

One Year Blog Anniversary

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In two days time it's my one year blog anniversary – where has the time gone?! I honestly can’t believe it has been a year since I started, I still feel completely new in the blogging world and I guess I still am in comparison to many. There has been ups and downs with blogging but one thing I know for sure is that starting my blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made. So, I want to explain why that is and share my experience over the past year.

The main question lots of my friends and family ask is why did I start a blog? My decision to start a blog was not an easy one to make, I kept changing my mind all the time! I have read blogs for years, I remember coming home from school and spending most of my evenings doing so at one point! Beauty and fashion has been a passion of mine since I can remember, and every time I would read a blog I would think to myself, I could do this! But then my doubt and lack of confidence would kick in and I would be way too scared to put myself out there like that.

When I finished university in May 2014 I had time on my hands so I finally took the plunge and posted my first blog post. I remember after pressing the publish button I was so scared and worrying what people would think. What I realised pretty quickly after this was that my blog was exactly what I needed during this time. As I’m sure a lot of you know, finishing university and job hunting is not an easy time. I went from having so much work to do and spending all my time in the library to having absolutely nothing to do with my days. There are constant job rejections and it can be really hard to stay positive. My blog was the perfect way to keep myself busy and have a break from the job hunting. It also helped me meet other bloggers on Twitter in a similar position which really helped.

After a couple of months I found myself a job in the industry I wanted and started full time work. This was when blogging really became a challenge, I no longer had free time to spend on my blog and I lost some of my motivation. At times blogging felt like a chore rather than a hobby which is just not what I wanted to happen at all. After time though, I adjusted to this change in my life and adapted to it. I simply stopped putting pressure on myself to blog so many times a week and just blogged whenever I felt like it.

In the blogging world it can feel like there are so many rules to follow, ‘you have to blog 2-3 times a week to be successful’ and all the rest. It is important to remember that it’s your blog and you can do what you want with it, I’m not going to feel guilty for only posting once a week just because some say it’s not enough. Everyone is in a different situation and I’m not going to compare my blog to someone who maybe doesn’t have a full time job and may have a lot more time on their hands to blog.

At the start of this year, I got offered my dream job in London, so I packed my bags, left Wales and headed to the big city. It was such a scary experience, new job, new city, new flat all at the same time! Having my blog really helped me with through this, as on Twitter I chatted to lots of bloggers in London and found people who may have also been through a similar big move.

I now work Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm, so adapting to this routine has been a big adjustment. It is not easy balancing a full time job, a social life and a blog at the same time, as well as trying to keep fit and on top of boring household chores. One thing I have always loved in life is to be challenged and this definitely does that, I barely watch any TV anymore and when I have an evening to myself in the flat I get bored within five minutes! But I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Since moving to London I have also had the chance to attend some blogging events and met new people. I have already made some amazing friends through my blog which I am so grateful for - it has been exactly what I needed after moving to a new place and barely knowing anyone.

Blogging has opened up so many opportunities for me which I am so grateful for. I have grown in confidence, stopped worrying about how many followers my blog has and whether or not I am posting enough times a week and I just simply enjoy the experience of blogging. It is my me- time and I can’t imagine ever not having a blog now!

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 Have you shared your experience of blogging? I’d love to read any posts.

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