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How To Tint Your Eyebrows

Eylure Pro - Brow Dye Kit - £7.49

A while ago if someone had said to me dying my eyebrows would be a quick and easy process I wouldn’t have believed them. I used to pay every few weeks to have my eyebrows waxed and tinted and wouldn’t even have considered that I would be able to do it myself – but since having a couple of bad tinting experiences where they just haven’t done what I wanted, and feeling like I’ve wasted money, I thought I would give it ago myself. 

I did some googling, read some reviews and it suddenly didn’t look as scary or complicated as I thought it would be. There are a few different brands you can go for – I decided to go for Eylures Eyebrow Dye Kit as I am already familiar with Eylure and like their products. The first good thing to note is that the kit came with a really detailed instruction booklet which I found really helpful. The only thing it lacked was good pictures to describe the process (I love pictures), so I thought it would be good to share my experience with pictures showing you exactly how I did it. I love reading reviews when I am trying out new things like this, so I hope it is helpful to any of you thinking of trying this out. Keep reading to find out how I did it.

The kit comes with:
-        Dye cream
-        Activating solution
-        Plastic mixing tray
-        Mixer

You will need:
-        All of the above
-        Vaseline
-        Cotton buds and/or cotton pads
-        Brush or something else to apply the dye with

The first thing I will mention is that I actually decided to buy the kit in the shade brown and black and mix them together. I did this because when I have had my eyebrows tinted before with just brown it hasn't been dark enough - so I thought I would experiment with the two colours.

At this point I should say it is recommended to do a patch test of the dye around 48 hours before. I personally didn’t do this as I have never had a reaction to any kind of dye before, but that’s up to you. If you want to I suggest placing a bit behind your ear or in a fairly sensitive area of your skin and if you have no reaction then you are good to go.

Step One – Remove all the makeup from the eyebrow area and make sure your skin is clean. If there is any product on the eyebrow the dye may not take properly.

Step Two – Apply the Vaseline to the skin surrounding your eyebrows using a cotton bud. This is the best way to make sure none of the dye stains your skin, just make sure it doesn’t go in your eyebrow itself otherwise the dye won’t take in that area.

Step Three – Next is to mix the dye and activating solution. The kit comes with a plastic section to mix which is useful, but as I do this quite frequently I decided to purchase this glass pot which is really easy to keep and reuse each time – I think it was only about £2.99. First put a small amount of the dye in the mixing bowl, then add about three drops of the activating solution. You may need to add more of each to get the right consistency – you want to make a thick paste which doesn’t drip. 

Step Four – Apply to eyebrows. I use this brush which I also bought from Amazon for around £2 – but you can use either the mixing stick that comes in the kit, a cotton bud or any brush that you find easiest. Make sure your eyebrows are fully covered and try to avoid the skin around them – although you should be fine if you have used Vaseline around them.

Step Five – The instructions say to leave the dye on for 2-5 minutes, I actually leave on for around 10-15 minutes as this gives me the colour I want. You can leave on for however long you feel is necessary for your eyebrows, it took me a couple of times to work it out. The best way to remove the dye from your eyebrows is to wipe it off with a cotton pad, you can also dampen the cotton pad to help and make sure it is all removed completely. Just remember to take care when you are removing the dye as you don’t want to end up with it staining your skin or going in your eyes!

There you have your result! You can see from my pictures the difference it has made to the shade of my eyebrows. I am so much happier when they are darker, it also saves me time each morning penciling them in. I'm really happy with the way the colour has turned out after mixing together the brown and black shades. You can always redo the process if you don’t feel like they are dark enough first time, like I said it takes a bit of practice to work out how long you should leave the dye on your eyebrows as it will be different for everyone.
The dye lasts on my eyebrows between two and three weeks. This may not seem that long but I think it’s just a combination of getting makeup remover on them, showering and also that eyebrows grow out quite fast. This is the main reason why I prefer to do it myself, it can get annoying when you pay to have them tinted professionally and then it doesn’t last long at all. It saves so much money dying them yourself and as you can see it is a quick and easy process. I hope this post helps out any of you who might be thinking about dying your own eyebrows. 

Have you dyed your eyebrows yourself? Do you have any other tips?

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