Thursday, 28 May 2015

How To Tint Your Eyebrows

Eylure Pro - Brow Dye Kit - £7.49

A while ago if someone had said to me dying my eyebrows would be a quick and easy process I wouldn’t have believed them. I used to pay every few weeks to have my eyebrows waxed and tinted and wouldn’t even have considered that I would be able to do it myself – but since having a couple of bad tinting experiences where they just haven’t done what I wanted, and feeling like I’ve wasted money, I thought I would give it ago myself. 

I did some googling, read some reviews and it suddenly didn’t look as scary or complicated as I thought it would be. There are a few different brands you can go for – I decided to go for Eylures Eyebrow Dye Kit as I am already familiar with Eylure and like their products. The first good thing to note is that the kit came with a really detailed instruction booklet which I found really helpful. The only thing it lacked was good pictures to describe the process (I love pictures), so I thought it would be good to share my experience with pictures showing you exactly how I did it. I love reading reviews when I am trying out new things like this, so I hope it is helpful to any of you thinking of trying this out. Keep reading to find out how I did it.

The kit comes with:
-        Dye cream
-        Activating solution
-        Plastic mixing tray
-        Mixer

You will need:
-        All of the above
-        Vaseline
-        Cotton buds and/or cotton pads
-        Brush or something else to apply the dye with

The first thing I will mention is that I actually decided to buy the kit in the shade brown and black and mix them together. I did this because when I have had my eyebrows tinted before with just brown it hasn't been dark enough - so I thought I would experiment with the two colours.

At this point I should say it is recommended to do a patch test of the dye around 48 hours before. I personally didn’t do this as I have never had a reaction to any kind of dye before, but that’s up to you. If you want to I suggest placing a bit behind your ear or in a fairly sensitive area of your skin and if you have no reaction then you are good to go.

Step One – Remove all the makeup from the eyebrow area and make sure your skin is clean. If there is any product on the eyebrow the dye may not take properly.

Step Two – Apply the Vaseline to the skin surrounding your eyebrows using a cotton bud. This is the best way to make sure none of the dye stains your skin, just make sure it doesn’t go in your eyebrow itself otherwise the dye won’t take in that area.

Step Three – Next is to mix the dye and activating solution. The kit comes with a plastic section to mix which is useful, but as I do this quite frequently I decided to purchase this glass pot which is really easy to keep and reuse each time – I think it was only about £2.99. First put a small amount of the dye in the mixing bowl, then add about three drops of the activating solution. You may need to add more of each to get the right consistency – you want to make a thick paste which doesn’t drip. 

Step Four – Apply to eyebrows. I use this brush which I also bought from Amazon for around £2 – but you can use either the mixing stick that comes in the kit, a cotton bud or any brush that you find easiest. Make sure your eyebrows are fully covered and try to avoid the skin around them – although you should be fine if you have used Vaseline around them.

Step Five – The instructions say to leave the dye on for 2-5 minutes, I actually leave on for around 10-15 minutes as this gives me the colour I want. You can leave on for however long you feel is necessary for your eyebrows, it took me a couple of times to work it out. The best way to remove the dye from your eyebrows is to wipe it off with a cotton pad, you can also dampen the cotton pad to help and make sure it is all removed completely. Just remember to take care when you are removing the dye as you don’t want to end up with it staining your skin or going in your eyes!

There you have your result! You can see from my pictures the difference it has made to the shade of my eyebrows. I am so much happier when they are darker, it also saves me time each morning penciling them in. I'm really happy with the way the colour has turned out after mixing together the brown and black shades. You can always redo the process if you don’t feel like they are dark enough first time, like I said it takes a bit of practice to work out how long you should leave the dye on your eyebrows as it will be different for everyone.
The dye lasts on my eyebrows between two and three weeks. This may not seem that long but I think it’s just a combination of getting makeup remover on them, showering and also that eyebrows grow out quite fast. This is the main reason why I prefer to do it myself, it can get annoying when you pay to have them tinted professionally and then it doesn’t last long at all. It saves so much money dying them yourself and as you can see it is a quick and easy process. I hope this post helps out any of you who might be thinking about dying your own eyebrows. 

Have you dyed your eyebrows yourself? Do you have any other tips?


Monday, 25 May 2015

Urban Food Fest | London

(Thanks Fran for these two lovely pics!)
When Lauren from Blonde Vision told me about the Urban Food Fest #UFFBlogMeet I knew straight away it was something I would love to be involved with! An evening full of gorgeous food and drink – what more could I want? Since starting to help Lauren out with organising some of the London blogger events this was my first real challenge. I took responsibility for this one and started spreading the word to some lovely bloggers who were interested in attending.

The Urban Food Fest is a festival held in the evening featuring a huge range of different street food stalls. They happen at different times and locations around the UK and the one we selected was in Shoreditch. It started at 5pm and when we arrived around 6pm there was already lots of people there and a really good atmosphere. There is entertainment provided all evening which was really fun. We got to listen to some lovely singers, enjoy to some live comedy and watch a very talented juggler perform.

It look me so long to decide what food I wanted, all of the stalls looked absolutely amazing! I ended up going for the pulled pork burger which was so tasty. I also went for the cheesy chips (which are my weakness) and as you can probably tell from the picture they were wonderful. 

After the food was finished my attention was straight on the cocktail stall. They looked gorgeous and I went for this strawberry flavoured cocktail which came in this really cute jar and finished off with a lovely huge strawberry.  

The Urban Food Fest happens in Shoreditch every Saturday evening throughout the summer. What I really like about it is that each time you go they have different food stalls there, so you get a completely different experience each time you go. Urban Food Fest also keep it a secret which ones will be attending – so it is an exciting surprise on the day what choices you are going to have.

Whilst we enjoyed the entertainment and the beautiful evening weather we had some fun with my selfie stick (best investment ever).
I had so much fun at the Urban Food Fest. It is such a lovely chilled out way to spend a Saturday evening – enjoying lots of food, drink and entertainment. I can definitely see myself spending lots of summer evenings there over the next few months as the weather gets warmer outside. I really recommend it if you are around the Shoreditch area.

Have you ever been to the Urban Food Fest? Does this sound like something you would enjoy?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

One Year Blog Anniversary

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In two days time it's my one year blog anniversary – where has the time gone?! I honestly can’t believe it has been a year since I started, I still feel completely new in the blogging world and I guess I still am in comparison to many. There has been ups and downs with blogging but one thing I know for sure is that starting my blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made. So, I want to explain why that is and share my experience over the past year.

The main question lots of my friends and family ask is why did I start a blog? My decision to start a blog was not an easy one to make, I kept changing my mind all the time! I have read blogs for years, I remember coming home from school and spending most of my evenings doing so at one point! Beauty and fashion has been a passion of mine since I can remember, and every time I would read a blog I would think to myself, I could do this! But then my doubt and lack of confidence would kick in and I would be way too scared to put myself out there like that.

When I finished university in May 2014 I had time on my hands so I finally took the plunge and posted my first blog post. I remember after pressing the publish button I was so scared and worrying what people would think. What I realised pretty quickly after this was that my blog was exactly what I needed during this time. As I’m sure a lot of you know, finishing university and job hunting is not an easy time. I went from having so much work to do and spending all my time in the library to having absolutely nothing to do with my days. There are constant job rejections and it can be really hard to stay positive. My blog was the perfect way to keep myself busy and have a break from the job hunting. It also helped me meet other bloggers on Twitter in a similar position which really helped.

After a couple of months I found myself a job in the industry I wanted and started full time work. This was when blogging really became a challenge, I no longer had free time to spend on my blog and I lost some of my motivation. At times blogging felt like a chore rather than a hobby which is just not what I wanted to happen at all. After time though, I adjusted to this change in my life and adapted to it. I simply stopped putting pressure on myself to blog so many times a week and just blogged whenever I felt like it.

In the blogging world it can feel like there are so many rules to follow, ‘you have to blog 2-3 times a week to be successful’ and all the rest. It is important to remember that it’s your blog and you can do what you want with it, I’m not going to feel guilty for only posting once a week just because some say it’s not enough. Everyone is in a different situation and I’m not going to compare my blog to someone who maybe doesn’t have a full time job and may have a lot more time on their hands to blog.

At the start of this year, I got offered my dream job in London, so I packed my bags, left Wales and headed to the big city. It was such a scary experience, new job, new city, new flat all at the same time! Having my blog really helped me with through this, as on Twitter I chatted to lots of bloggers in London and found people who may have also been through a similar big move.

I now work Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm, so adapting to this routine has been a big adjustment. It is not easy balancing a full time job, a social life and a blog at the same time, as well as trying to keep fit and on top of boring household chores. One thing I have always loved in life is to be challenged and this definitely does that, I barely watch any TV anymore and when I have an evening to myself in the flat I get bored within five minutes! But I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Since moving to London I have also had the chance to attend some blogging events and met new people. I have already made some amazing friends through my blog which I am so grateful for - it has been exactly what I needed after moving to a new place and barely knowing anyone.

Blogging has opened up so many opportunities for me which I am so grateful for. I have grown in confidence, stopped worrying about how many followers my blog has and whether or not I am posting enough times a week and I just simply enjoy the experience of blogging. It is my me- time and I can’t imagine ever not having a blog now!

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 Have you shared your experience of blogging? I’d love to read any posts.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Empties #3

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve done an empties post. Moving into my new flat about a month ago made it difficult to keep track of any empties I had as I wanted to keep everything as tidy and clutter free as possible! But over the last few weeks I have had a few products run out so I thought I would put them together in empties post for you. These really are one of my favourite kind of posts as you can really see someone’s true opinion of a product – I usually think they must have loved it to use it all up!

Britney Spears 'Fantasy' Perfume £14.99 – I’ve lost track of how many of these bottles I have gone through, this has been my staple perfume which I always go back to for years now. I first bought it back in the day when it was ‘cool’ to own anything Britney Spears related, but now it is a bit of a guilty pleasure perfume. It can be rather embarrassing when people ask you what perfume you are wearing and it’s a Britney Spears one! Though I don’t think this is going to change any time soon, I absolutely love the smell of it. I also really love the packaging and it is so reasonably priced so it is my everyday go to perfume – meaning I can save my more expensive ones for special occasions.

 Got 2B powderful volumising styling powder £4.19 – This is another one of those products that I have purchased over and over again. It works so well at giving my hair volume – it is so quick and easy to use as well. You literally just pour the powder into your hands and then rub into the roots and you have instant volume! I like to use it before backcombing my hair as it helps it stay in place.
Benefit pore-fessional £24.50 – I have had quite a few samples of this primer from Benefit over time and I really like using it whenever I get one. It works really well at hiding pores and I love that it is provides colour as well unlike some other primers which are clear. I have just run out of my most recent sample and I will hopefully get my hands on another one at some point! I can’t justify the high price tag for the full size primer, I usually prefer to spend more money on other items of makeup. I’m also really loving Smashbox’s photo finish primer at the moment – sorry Benefit!
Benefit They’re Real Mascara £19.50 – This is my second purchase of this mascara, after the first one ran out I had to have another - I absolutely love it. It gives such a volumising and bold look with just a couple of coats and I love the design of the brush. The only down sides are that it is difficult to remove and is quite expensive. I’m not sure if I’m going to repurchase this again for a while, mainly because of the price and I am currently using a cheaper Maybelline one which I really like. I’m also really keen to try the new Roller Lash mascara at some point soon and see if it lives up to all the hype.
Mac 'Lovelorn' Lipstick £15.50 – It’s always a sad day when I run out of one of my Mac lipsticks! This time it’s one of my everyday go to favourites, Lovelorn. It is a gorgeous light pink shade from the Lustre range. It is a great subtle pink shade which I have really enjoyed using as an everyday work colour in the office. It is also really moisturising on the lips so I love applying it if they are feeling dry. I am definitely thinking about repurchasing this lipstick.
That's all my empties for now, I'm sure there will be more soon to talk about! Do you use any of these products? Have you got a recent empties post?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Recent Clothing Buys | New Look, River Island, Primark, Boohoo, Jack Wills

Over the last few weeks I have made a few purchases to add to this year's summer wardrobe so I thought I would share these with you in a clothing haul.
New Look Open Shoulder Top - £12.99

I love the shoulder less style this summer - and this lightweight t-shirt is the perfect everyday top.

Pink Blazer - £24.99

As soon I spotted this blazer I fell in love, it is a lovely light pink colour and very lightweight so it is perfect for Summer. 
New Look shoes - £12.99
 After I picked up the blazer I spotted these shoes and I had to have them as they match the blazer perfectly! I absolutely love the glitter at the front, I will definitely be wearing these a lot this summer.

Black off the shoulder top - £18
I am really loving the off the shoulder look at the moment and this top will be perfect paired with some white jeans this summer.

River Island T-Shirt - £20
This t - shirt caught my eye with it's gorgeous metallic silver design, it is the perfect everyday top and I've already worn it a few times.
Boohoo white top - £12
Another shoulder less purchase - I really love this style for summer, I love the high neck on this top as well.
Boohoo jeans - £12 
Also from Boohoo I purchased these bright pink jeans. I love wearing bright colours in the summer and as they were only £12 I couldn't say no!

Primark - £10
I was looking for some light blue jeans for summer and I found these in Primark for only £10 - such a bargain and I'm very happy with this purchase.

Jack Wills T-Shirt - £24.50
I love Jack Wills clothing, but I very rarely buy anything from there as it's so expensive. A couple of weeks ago the Jack Wills store in Covent Garden was offering 25% off everything - so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to treat myself to something from there. I went for this lovely white t-shirt which I'm sure I will get a lot of use out this summer.

What's your favourite of my summer purchases? Have you got a recent haul post? I'd love to see :)


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

April Favourites

I know everyone probably say this every month, but seriously, how is it May already? I can’t believe I have been living in London for four months already and I started my new job four months ago today! Time is flying by. My monthly favourites was easy to put together this month, there are some products I just can’t stop using at the moment and I’m excited to share them.

Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanner – This may as well be in my monthly favourites every month, it is my all-time favourite gradual tanner and I have been using it for years now. One layer of this and you get a gorgeous subtle tan and it is completely streak free so really easy to use. It builds up really well, if you apply a few layers over the course of a few days you get a lovely deeper shade. It lasts well and doesn’t go patchy when it fades which is great. It also smells amazing and is so moisturising – can you tell how much I love it?!

Boots Dry Shampoo – £1.50 I normally buy Batiste dry shampoo, but it’s so expensive and never lasts long which always annoys me. When I was in Boots I spotted their own dry shampoo which was half the price so I decided to try this for a change. I am so impressed with it! I was worried it wouldn’t smell very nice as it is cheaper, but it has a lovely fruity refreshing smell which is absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely be buying this again, it is much better value for money.

Treacle Moon Marshmellow Shower Gel – £2.99 I have wanted to try one of these shower gels for a while, I always notice them in Tesco, the packaging is lovely and they are really reasonably priced for the size. When I was in there the other day I spotted a marshmellow scented one and I had to buy it! If you like sweet scents this is definitely for you. It is so creamy and moisturising as well. I also bought the coconut one as they were on offer which I can’t wait to try next.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination Skin – £4.99 I really like the original Micellar water from Garnier so when I saw they brought out one for combination skin I had to try it. I really love using this to remove my makeup in the evenings, it makes it come off really easily without any forceful rubbing needed. It is one of the best makeup removers I find for removing the Benefit They’re Real mascara and eyeliner which I know a lot of people find really tough to remove. It is also one of the only makeup removers that doesn’t sting my eyes when using it around that area.

Lola Eye Shadow duo – I received this in my goody bag from the Hot Hair blogger event a few weeks ago, when I saw the colours I was so excited to try them. I love any eyeshadow’s that are gold and shimmery! The two shades work so well together and the pigmentation is really good. I have been using this a lot recently for my everyday eye makeup.

Mac Lipstick ‘Yash’ – £15.50 Believe it or not, this is the first ever nude lipstick I have owned. I used to just wear pink shades but over the last couple of years I have experimented with other shades and recently decided I needed a nude in my MAC collection. I was actually looking for ‘Honey Love’ when I went into MAC but this was sold out and the lady recommended ‘Yash’ which is really similar. I have been wearing this pretty much every day since, it is the perfect everyday shade as it goes with everything! It is from the matte range of lipsticks and lasts on the lips for ages – a definitely new favourite in my lipstick collection.
Do you love any of these products? What's your favourite products from April?


Friday, 1 May 2015

Smashbox Samples | Primers, Foundation & Mascara

A while ago I was lucky enough to receive these free samples from Smashbox which I was so excited about. As a beauty blogger my favourite thing ever is to test out new products and it’s so nice to try samples as you can really work out whether or not you like the product and want to spend your money on it. Especially as Smashbox is quite expensive I want to know I really like something before I purchase it. I won’t go into too much detail with these reviews as like I said they are only small samples but I am going to let you know what my first impressions are of these items and which ones I would buy the full size versions of.

 Liquid Halo HD Foundation (£28.00) – Although I only got about two wears of this foundation from the sample I really liked it. The formula is really creamy and blends in really well. It gives a lovely subtle sheer to medium coverage, so I wouldn’t recommend if you prefer fuller coverage. I used this with the photo finish primer and the two go together really well, my foundation didn’t budge the whole day which was really impressive. I normally prefer a more matte finish foundation, however I actually found this luminous slightly dewy finish really good for my skin and it didn’t look too shiny at all. I’m not sure if I would purchase the full sized as it is quite expensive, I think I would have to try a couple of samples to truly form my opinion.

Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer (£28.00) – As the name suggests, the purpose of this primer is to hydrate the skin. I really liked this primer, as soon as I applied it I noticed it had a really refreshing feel to it and it was so moisturising. It felt really lightweight and sunk into the skin quickly but without feeling drying at all. This is definitely one I would recommend for those of you with dry skin.

Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer (£25.00) – First of all I will say this is definitely not one for those of you with paler skin as it is quite a dark shade. I would recommend it if you like a dewy finish as it gives such a gorgeous glow. It is also a perfect highlighter, if you wanted to put it on top of your foundation rather than underneath on your cheekbones it works really well to give a subtle highlight. I read online that it contains, green tea, grape seed extract and vitamins A, C and E so it seems very good for your skin!

Photo Finish Foundation Primer (£25.00) – The final of the primers I got to sample is their original formula and by far my favourite. This primer has won so many awards and I can definitely see why. It is so silky and lightweight so it feels lovely when you put it on your skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of pores and leaves a really smooth finish and I find it perfect for my oily skin, it has definitely helped reduces oiliness in my t zone throughout the day. I have finished both the free samples of this primer and I definitely will be purchasing the full size version soon.

Full Exposure Mascara (19.00) – When I first applied this mascara I didn’t actually like it at all, I found the brush was too big so it was messy and felt it took a lot of layers to get a good effect. However, after trying it a few more times since then I have been won over! I have noticed that when I apply this it helps to curl the lashes and definitely makes them look longer. What I really like about this as well is that although it takes a few more layers to get a good effect, it does not clump together at all or go flakey when you apply it. I like quite a full mascara look which is why I like to apply more layers, but if you like a more subtle look this would be perfect as you would only need to apply a layer or two to add length and curl. I would love to buy the full size version of this, but at the moment the price puts me off, I will see how I feel after I finish my free sample!
Have you tried any of these Smashbox products? What did you think?
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