Tuesday, 28 April 2015

MyChocolate Blogger Event

Anything featuring the word chocolate catches my attention so as soon as Lauren from Blonde Vision told me she was planning on organising chocolate making I was straight there!  The workshop was run by MyChocolate, a company who offer these fun chocolate making workshops for all kinds of events such as hen parties, birthdays and corporate entertainment. The workshop we attended was based in their London venue which was a lovely location overlooking Regent’s canal. They also offer workshops in other locations around the UK so don’t worry if you aren’t from London, all the details are here on their website.

They kindly let a group of bloggers take over their venue for the morning and it was so much fun. We started by having a quick lesson about how MyChocolate began which was really interesting. We learnt how to distinguish between higher and lesser quality chocolate and had fun tasting flavoured chocolate and trying to guess what it was – I got it completely wrong!

Then the real fun began – we watched a demonstration from one of the MyChocolate team members who showed us how to make chocolate truffles. We then split into pairs at our tables and attempted to make our own. I have to say it was not as easy as it looked! We struggled with the first couple but then got the hang of it after a few, the key was to keep the chocolate warm so it didn’t go hard.

As you can see at this point they didn’t look very pretty, but this was just this inside of the truffle and the next stage was to shape and decorate them. I wanted my truffles to look as pretty as possible so I shaped them into neat balls. I then covered each one with a thick layer of milk chocolate – yum! MyChocolate provided a lovely choice of decorations we could use for our chocolates and I went for some of the white chocolate sprinkles and nuts. We were also given a square of fudge and some marshmallows which we could decorate and shape how we liked. I started off well and tried to make them look as pretty and presentable as I could but towards the end I just tried to get as much chocolate as possible on them!

All throughout this I did try very hard to resist just picking up a spoon and getting stuck into that huge bowl of chocolate – it looked absolutely amazing.

We made such a mess getting chocolate absolutely everywhere and it was chaos with everyone trying to protect their cameras and phones! But was so much fun, I felt like a little kid again. Making the truffles is definitely something that could be recreated at home as well, this is something I would love to do with my little cousins as they would love it.

Once we had finished decorating and let our chocolates dry, we were each given a gorgeous little gold cardboard box and some ribbon to put our chocolates in and take them home.

After the workshop finished a few of us went for lunch in Islington. This was really nice as I got the chance to meet and chat to some of the bloggers who weren’t on my table at MyChocolate.

When I got home, I tried one of my truffles and it was gorgeous – they definitely tasted much better than they looked! I took a few into work with me the following day and everyone loved them. I will definitely be making some more of these to show off to my family at some point!

The workshop was so much fun and I really enjoyed my day at MyChocolate. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a fun activity for a group of people.  They also mentioned they often do gift vouchers and deals through websites like Groupon or Wowcher so it’s definitely worth looking out for these.

Do you like the sound of MyChocolate? Have you ever made chocolate before?
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