Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hot Hair - Clip in Pony Tail

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a blogger event hosted by Hot Hair. Hot Hair is an online company providing a range of different hair pieces.

I have been a huge fan of hair extensions for a few years now. I have quite thin hair and it is very difficult to get it to grow and thicken, despite the number of products I have tried! Extension are my saviour, they allow me to give myself the hair I dream of in just a few minutes! I have always just gone for normal clip in extensions and not really thought about trying any other hairpieces. This was until the Hot Hair event, I had no idea there was so many different types of hairpieces available and I was in my element browsing and trying different ones out.

One particular piece that really caught my eye was the clip in ponytail. In the past I have never been able to tie my hair up with my extensions in as the clips always show, so I have always had to wear them with my hair down. When I saw how this piece instantly transformed my small, thin ponytail into this long and thick ponytail I was in love. Hot Hair very kindly let me keep the piece which absolutely made my evening as I didn’t want to ever take it out! I kept it in all evening and had so many lovely complements about it.

The best thing about this clip in ponytail is that it is so easy to put in your hair. In fact, it is actually much easier and quicker than applying lots of rows of clip ins and trying to make sure they are hidden and firm in place.

You start by tying your hair up using a normal hair tie, then place the attached black clip into the top of your ponytail to secure and wrap around the hairpiece using the Velcro to hold it tightly in place. You can then wrap the separate attached piece of hair around to hide where the ponytail has been clipped in. The best way to secure this is with some bobby pins to make sure it is not going to come loose.

As you can tell, it is so easy and quick to apply so you don’t have to be a pro at hair extensions!  I had this in for a good few hours and it didn’t come loose at all, so as long as you secure it well with bobby pins you don’t need to worry about that.

I went for the straight ponytail piece, and as it is synthetic hair you can’t put heat on it if you wanted to style it differently. However, Hot Hair have obviously realised straight might not be to everyone’s taste and this piece is available in wavy and curly as well. I think the curly one in particular is gorgeous and would be perfect for a sophisticated up do. I can definitely see myself investing in this one next, they are so reasonably priced at £24.

The quality is great as well, I couldn’t tell it was synthetic hair, it feels just like my human hair clips ins and I thought it actually was human hair until they told me!



As you can probably tell, I am a huge fan of this hairpiece. I’m so happy I can now give myself a lovely long, voluminous up do and I don’t have to worry my hair looks thin and boring. As far as everyone else is concerned, its my real hair - who’s going to know?! ;)

Do you like the sound of this clip in ponytail? Have you tried anything else from Hot Hair? You can find all their hair pieces here.
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