Wednesday, 25 March 2015

U Spicy Cosmetic Brush Set

I first came across U Spicy when I saw Carly from Carly’s Beauty World reviewed them on her blog. The brushes looked amazing and such a good price! Carly’s blog is one of my favourites and I love her reviews so I knew when she said they are good brushes that they must be worth a try. I have been wanting to expand my makeup brush collection for a while now. I normally buy a brush now and again from either Real Techniques or Mac, but they can be quite expensive so my collection isn’t expanding fast. I want to experiment with different types of face brushes so I thought this brush set from U Spicy would be perfect.

U Spicy have a few different makeup brush sets available to buy on Amazon here and the one I went for is the 10 cosmetic brush set. This contains 10 brushes all for the face and only costs £12.99 on Amazon! As soon as I saw them I fell in love with the gorgeous packaging. The brushes came in a purple and gold box with a pull out draw and each brush was individually wrapped in protective plastic. I thought this was quite impressive to have high quality packaging like this when you are only paying £12.99.

As for the brushes themselves, I absolutely love the design. The black and gold gives an expensive feel to them and they are definitely a bit of a Real Techniques dupe. When they arrived there was a bit of a plastic smell to the brushes which worried me a bit, but it states on the instructions to wash them and let them dry naturally to eliminate the smell and this definitely worked.

Another great point about this set it that it comes with a user manual which has pictures, names and details of what each brush can be used for.

Larger brushes from left to right:

1.  Tapered Brush – for applying liquid or cream foundations in harder to reach areas of the face.
2. Round Brush – for blending mineral products onto the skin
3. Angled Brush – for adding brusher to the cheeks
4. Flat Angled Brush – for blending foundation or contouring
5. Flat Brush - for applying liquid or cream foundations to flat areas such as the forehead

Smaller brushes from left to right:

1. Precision Tapered Brush – for adding blush or highlighter
2. Precision Angled Brush – for applying bronzer to sides of the nose or hollows of the cheeks
3. Precision Round Brush – for applying eye shadow base or primer
4. Precision Flat Angled Brush – for precise application of concealer
5. Precision Flat Brush – for stippling concealer

The quality of the brushes is really good for the price. I find some cheaper brushes can feel rough on the skin but these are very soft and feel lovely on the skin.  You can also apply a good amount of pressure and they feel strong and sturdy – for example when stippling foundation. I’m not sure how well these brushes will last long term – I worry after a few washes they might start to lose some bristles or the metal might split from the wood, but this is probably to be expected for the price – and I’m just being  skeptical!

I’m really happy with these brushes as there’s such a range of choice, they pretty much cover every kind of face brush you could need! I think these would make a great set for anyone looking to start experimenting with makeup brushes as you can work out what kind you like without spending too much money. The lovely packaging they come in means they would make a lovely gift too.

Have you heard of U Spicy before? Do you like the sound of these brushes?

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