Sunday, 8 February 2015

Small Lush Haul

This weekend I found myself with some time to kill in Waterloo station and I may have ended up in Lush... (dangerous) and although I wasn't actually planning on buying anything, as always I couldn't resist picking up a few bits I have had my eye on for awhile. 
Unicorn Horn - £3.25
First up is the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. I have seen so much wonderful feedback about this - I just had to try it for myself! I absolutely love the design, the colours are so pretty and eye catching. Even more importantly it smells amazing. It is lavender scented which is such a relaxing smell and contains essential oils - sounds like the perfect combination for a bath! This works by crumbling it under running water which creates bubbles in the bath, and having seen some pictures of the great results on Instagram I am so excited to try it and pretty such I won't be disappointed. 
The Kiss - £5.50
I have always wanted to try one of Lush's lip scrubs but just never actually gone out and purchased one. I'm not really sure why I have been putting it off because whenever I am at the till I'm on the verge of picking up one but I just wasn't sure if I would like them.

However, as it is Winter my lips have been so dry all the time so I knew I had to purchase one of these scrubs. Although I have had my eye on the bubblegum one, I decided to go for 'The Kiss' seeing as it's limited edition. The design won me over as well - it is so cute, I love pink and it has hundreds and thousands on it! The smell is also amazing, it is a mix of caster sugar, sea salt and editable hearts so it is very sweet. I tried this out as soon as I got it and it's safe to say I love it already.
Rock Star - £3.40 for 100g | The Godmother - £3.10 for 100g
I have never tried a soap from Lush before but have always wanted to as they smell and look amazing, so I finally decided to purchase a couple seeing as I was stood there smelling for ages I just couldn't resist. The light pink soap is called 'Rock Star' and this caught my eye first mainly because of the pretty colour and then the incredible smell! It is very sweet and contains vanilla which is lovely. It    looks like it is going to be so creamy and moisturising - I can't wait to try it. 

The other soap I bought is called 'The Godmother'. This is less of a pretty colour but it smells incredible. If you are a fan of Snow Fairy which I know a lot of people are - it smells exactly like that! It is also very sweet so won't be to everyone's liking, but I am a massive fan of a sweet scent so this is perfect. It also contains coconut oil which is a big plus for me as it is so good for the skin. I can tell just by holding it that it is going to be so moisturising as you can feel the oils on your hands, so I can imagine this is going to be amazing.

That's everything I picked up in my spur of the minute Lush spree! Have you tried any of these? What do you think?
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