Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Elemis Mattifying Moisturiser

I’m so excited to write this post as I literally am so thrilled with this moisturiser! I received the Elemis Mattifying Moisturiser a while ago in a magazine, so long ago I can’t even remember which one it was. Ironically it sat it one of my drawers all this time and I completely forgot I had it up until a couple of weeks ago, and since then I’m not sure how I survived without it!
As the name suggests, this moisturiser is used to mattify and reduce shine for oily/combination skin. I suffer with oily skin so I am always on the lookout for anything that mentions about a matte effect (love that word).
This moisturiser is best used in the morning, on clean, dry skin before applying any primers or makeup. Elemis states it will reduce T-zone shine within one hour and maintains a matte finish for up to 8 hours and I can honestly say it does a very good job at doing this. The first couple of times I applied this I was shocked at the results, I looked at my skin in the mirror around midafternoon and there was no signs of oiliness at all in the t zone and my foundation was all in place. By the evening there was still only a small bit of oiliness which had formed, but significantly less then without using this moisturiser. I find this pretty impressive considering I apply my makeup around 7am in the morning so I never really expect it to stay in place this well all day.
I have tried a few different moisturisers for oily skin and up until now my favourite was Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying Cream - but Elemis has definitely taken over! Garnier is still good so if you are looking for a more reasonable priced cream it is great at £5.99! The Elemis Mattifying Cream is £21 so is quite expensive which is a bit of a downside. Although I have to say, considering how well it works I will be repurchasing as I do think it is worth the money.
One of the great things about the Elemis Mattifying Cream is that it isn’t drying at all. It contains Shea Butter which conditions and hydrates the skin, and Seamat which is what provides the mattifying effect. It also contains Iris which reduces redness and blemishes. I can’t say have actually noticed whether or not it has reduced redness on my skin, as I generally have foundation and powder on which covers up the redness anyway.
Although it isn’t that drying, I’m not sure I wouldn’t recommend it if you do have dry or sensitive skin, as it can sting on sensitive areas – I noticed this when I had a cold and my nose was very sensitive!
The formula is really lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly which is always a bonus as I hate waiting around for creams to dry especially if you’re in a rush in the mornings. It also smells great, I can’t pinpoint what it is though – maybe citrus! But very fresh.
Overall as you can probably tell, I absolutely love this Elemis Mattifying Cream. It definitely does the job as I only received a smaller sample size which has nearly run out, I will most definitely be purchasing the full size.
Have you tried this? Are there any other Elemis products I need to try?
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