Sunday, 11 January 2015

MAC Lipstick 'Please Me' Review

MAC Lipstick - £15.50
The latest MAC lipstick to my collection is 'Please Me'. I was in search of a matte nude colour which would be a perfect work shade - goes with most outfits, subtle and long lasting. I did swatch a few nudes but I ended up falling in love with Please Me. It is a warm pink shade, but still quite neutral and subtle so it is a good everyday colour (unlike most of my pinks which are rather bright!)

I haven't got another matte lipsticks from MAC as I always worry they will be too drying as I do often suffer with quite dry lips. So, I was a bit worried about trying a matte formula but the prospect of having something really long lasting throughout the day was too tempting to resist.

I have found with this lipstick, the ease of applying really does depend on how your lips are. The first time I applied this my lips were feeling dry and it was harder to apply. However, if I wear a layer of lip balm before applying the lipstick it helps - or a layer of lip balm after applying which is also good.  It really depends on what you prefer, I always like to have some moisture in my lips which is why wearing lip balm as well is ideal. I have to say though, it is not as drying as I was expecting a matte lipstick to be and there is still some creaminess to it as you can see in the swatch below.

The colour is just the perfect everyday shade if you are a fan of pink and don't want anything too out there. What has really impressed me the most is how long lasting it is. I have been applying this just before I leave the house in the mornings before work and I would say it is still completely in place for around four hours possibly longer. This obviously does depend on whether you are eating and drinking in this time as well. When having a drink I did notice a lot coming off onto the glass, but then when I looked in a mirror awhile later there was still a layer of colour visible on the lips - impressive! 

I can really see why MAC matte lipsticks are so popular, the long lasting formula is just great and the colours are so pigmented and not actually as drying as I was expecting. As I said I did originally want a nude shade and this is definitely something I am still looking for. At the moment I have my eye on 'Fleshpot' and 'Myth' as they would most definitely go with every outfit! If you have these or know any good reviews please leave a comment :)

Have you tried 'Please Me'? Are there any other matte shades you recommend?

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