Sunday, 21 December 2014

Yankee Christmas Candles

I am such a big fan of Yankee candles, there are so many gorgeous scents and over the last couple of years a Yankee candle has become a permanent feature in my bedroom. When I get my own house in the future I can just picture all different Yankee candles throughout the house, with relaxing ones in the bathroom and fresh scented ones in the kitchen.  The packaging is always so pretty and I would just love to colour coordinate them with the rooms (yes I am a bit obsessed). Anyway, the last couple of weeks we have had some Christmas Yankee candles in the house and I have been really loving them. So I thought it would be a nice idea to share them on my blog and keep the Christmas themed posts coming! 

My two absolute favourites are Snowflake Cookie and Christmas Cookie. The design on the glass jar is so pretty, I love the beautifully decorated cookies and it gives a really festive feel. The scent of the two candles is quite similar, they are both very sweet smelling so perfect if this is what you like. I definitely love anything sweet smelling which is why I love these so much. Christmas Cookie is vanilla scented which is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of 'French Vanilla' which I have had from Yankee in the past. 

Another Christmas Yankee candle we have in our house is 'Apple and Pine Needle'. I didn't think this would be much to my liking as I don't normally like the scent of apple but I was very wrong! This candle smells gorgeous, the scent of the pine needles comes through and it smells so fresh and just like a Christmas tree. The scent of the apple comes through as well which gives it a lovely fruitiness to it and the two smells go together so well! The packaging of this candle just shouts Christmas to me with the traditional green and red colours and pine needle picture. If you don't have a real Christmas tree this candle is exactly what you need to bring the gorgeous smell of one into your house.

Yankee candle have so many different festive Christmas candles to try. Some others I really like the look of are 'Candy Cane Lane' and 'Christmas Eve'. Have you tried any of these candles? What do you think? What are your favourite festive candles?

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