Friday, 12 December 2014

Favourite Seasonal Drinks #CountdownToChristmas

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate (Image source)
Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate (Image source) 
Champagne (Image Source)
Bucks Fizz (Image Source)
Mulled Wine (Image source)

The next in the #CountdownToChristmas series is all about sharing your favourite seasonal/ festive drinks. I m excited to see what drinks everyone is loving this Christmas and here's a few of my favourites.

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate – one of my all-time favourite Christmas drinks is a Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. I am not really a fan of tea or coffee so hot chocolates are normally my hot drink of choice during the Winter months. I first discovered Gingerbread syrup a couple of years ago after seeing it advertised in Starbucks and Costa on their festive menus and I have been hooked every since. It is normally advertised as a Gingerbread Latte which I do sometimes have if I need a caffeine kick, but if you don’t like coffee you can ask for it as a hot chocolate which is absolutely gorgeous. This is very sweet so I only recommend to those who have a really big sweet tooth like me! You can also by Gingerbread syrup in most supermarkets so you can make your own at a much cheaper price.

Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate – another hot chocolate I have just discovered is honey and almond from Starbucks. When I saw this on the menu this year I thought I would try someone new as it sounded gorgeous, and thankfully I was not disappointed! This drink smells like Christmas, it is definitely one to try if you are a hot chocolate lover like me.  The presentation of this drink in Starbucks was so pretty as well, it came with some lovely chocolate cream on top and chocolate bits.

Champagne / Bucks Fizz – it wouldn’t be Christmas without some celebratory drinks and champagne is definitely special which we always have in our family on Christmas day. It is also a little tradition in my house that we have some bucks fizz in the morning with breakfast which I absolutely love.

Mulled Wine – last but not least which definitely has to have a mention is mulled wine. This is such a classic festive drink, but not actually one I liked until recently. It’s still not my favourite as I’m not a massive fan of red wine, however last year I really enjoyed having some mulled wine now and again. It is great for when it’s cold outside to warm up and it makes me feel really Christmassy.

Do you like any of these drinks? What are your favourite seasonal drinks?
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