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Winter Essentials - Clothing

5. Elle Umbrella

I think it’s safe to say winter is well and truly on its way and with the changes in weather it has had me planning what I need this year. I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you all what I see as my must have items during winter – my winter essentials. So I will be doing a small series of posts to show you and first up is my clothing/ fashion essentials. 

1. Coat - I think one of the most essential of all the essentials is a winter coat. With the weather in Britain being as cold and rainy as it always gets a warm winter coat is definitely a must have. I have a few coats already but this year a really needed one with a hood for protection from the rain as I walk to work every day. I found the coat pictured above from Fashion Union and I love it. Considering the price is so reasonable, it is very good quality – very thick, warm and completely waterproof. It is perfect protection from the rain we have and definitely an essential for my walks to work.

2. Slippers - A pair of warm slipper boots are definitely a must have in my winter wardrobe. I practically live in these in the house when it’s a bit chilly, cold feet is the worst! The ones I have at the moment are starting to get worn and I am definitely considering purchasing these gorgeous ones from River Island.

3. Onesie - Onese’s have been everywhere the last few years for when the weather gets cold and I have to say it took me awhile to get on board. This is partly because I thought I’d find it a bit annoying wearing a one piece and partly because I am so short every one I came across was way too long on the legs for me. I bought my first onesie last year from Primark – it is a Hello Kitty design (yes I am a big kid) and age 12-13. I have been hooked ever since, I love Hello Kitty and it is the perfect fit. I definitely recommend looking in the kids section if you are short like me, it is a lot cheaper as well.

4. Leather Jacket - Leather jackets are a staple piece in a winter wardrobe and definitely a must have, I think every girl I know owns some kind of leather jacket! I purchased my leather jacket from New Look last year, which is similar to the one pictured above and I wear it all the time.

5. Umbrella - Although a slightly boring item and it is not clothing this is one that definitely has to feature in this post. Any of you also from the UK will know we always seem to get ridiculous amounts of rain, so having an umbrella in my handbag is a must at all times. Getting caught in the rain and ruining my straightened hair is one of my worst nightmares! (Ok a slight exaggeration but definitely a situation I prefer to prevent). I found this Elle umbrella from TK Maxx not long ago and I love it.

6. Boots - This time of year a good pair of boots to keep warm and dry is definitely essential. The last few weeks I have been searching everywhere for a pair of high black boots which are suitable for everyday wear. This was a lot harder than I would of liked, as I am so short must boots are too high on the leg. I found these boots in Kurt Geiger and they are perfect. 

7. Christmas Jumper - I am a massive fan of Christmas jumpers, I get so excited around Christmas time when I get to wear them! Last year I found the cutest gingerbread man number from New Look which I wore as much as I could! This year I have spotted this reindeer jumper from ASOS which looks so pretty and cosy.

8. Tartan -  I’m sure all you are aware that tartan is back again this year and to seems to be taking over the shops. I am a massive fan at the moment (see my tartan wish list) and some tartan pieces are definitely a must have to keep up with the autumn/ winter fashion trends. I spotted these leggings in New Look and I am thinking of purchasing them. They are such a pretty design and would look great paired with a black jumper and boots.

9. Fur -  I absolutely love faux fur material during this time of the year, it is so warm and cosy and perfect for the weather and there is something about it which feels very sophisticated and stylish. Last year I purchased a black fur coat from Wallis which I wore all the time and I’m excited to wear again this year. I spotted this scarf from Next while browsing online and it looks so warm and thick and would be perfect for the cold weather – a scarf is definitely an essential item for winter!

10. Sequin Dress - Last but not least is a bit of sparkle/ sequins or glitz and my idea of the perfect outfit for all Christmas parties and evening does is a glamorous dress featuring all of these. I spotted this gorgeous black dress from AX Paris which I think is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for any festive gatherings.

That's the end of my Winter Clothing Essentials! Do you like any of these? What are your winter essentials? 
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