Wednesday, 19 November 2014

VO5 Plump It Up- Dry Backcombing Spray

VO5 Dry Backcombing Spray - £4.19

Hi everyone! Just a quick post this evening about this product which I picked up on a total whim a few weeks ago and I am now completely obsessed with! The product I am talking about is the VO5 Plump It Up Backcombing Spray. I have quite thin hair and I really struggle with getting some good volume to it. I have tried so many voluming and thickening shampoos and all kind of hairsprays for backcombing. I have known for awhile backcombing sprays exist but for some reason I never considered buying one as I didn't see what more they could do than hairspray. However, when I spotted this in Boots I thought I would give it a go. I love VO5 and have tried a few of their products, their packaging is always gorgeous as well, I am a complete sucker for pink. 

When I bought this I originally thought it was something you would you to spray onto your hair before backcombing, the same way you would use hairspray on the hair before backcombing. However after reading the instructions and researching a bit about it, I have actually seen that it advertises itself as being able to provide the same voluminous affect as backcombing except without actually having to backcomb the hair.  

This is great, as without backcombing the hair you can save a lot of the damage it causes, and it really does work. I use this by lifting up a small section of my hair and spraying underneath onto my roots,
I then use my fingers to blend in. This creates a really good amount of volume on its own and adds grip to the hair so it stays in place for longer. Although you don't really have to backcomb as well as this, I do sometimes tend to just to ensure it stays in place. The spray adds so much grip to the hair to backcomb it well, but it doesn't force the hair in place the same way hairspray can sometimes do. 

This spray is also amazing as a dry shampoo, it gives life to flat second day hair and gets rid of greasy roots. I really am impressed with this product, it has multiple uses and I have been finding myself reaching for it everyday. I have also found that it lasts really well, a lot longer than some dry shampoo sprays I have tried. This retails at £4.19 in Boots which I think is a very reasonable price. 

Have you tried this spray? What do you think? Are there any other backcombing sprays you recommend?

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