Monday, 3 November 2014

6 Beauty Products I wish I Could Afford

1. Chanel  - Bronzing Makeup Base - £32
2. Tom Ford - Eye Quad - £63 
3. Urban Decay - Vice Palette - £42
4. Tom Ford - Brow Sculptor - £34
5. Charlotte Tilbury - Bronze and Glow - £49
6. Christian Louboutin - Nail Colour - £36

As somebody who is obsessed with makeup and beauty products there are always things I'm coming across that I've got my eye on. With reading magazines, blogs, Twitter and Instagram I am constantly exposed to the latest trends and beauty brands and my wish list just seems to grow and grow. Unfortunately, I have not won the lottery nor have I secured my dream highly paid job, so for now these products remain on my wish list and not in my makeup collection *sad face*. Anyway, I always  love to see what other bloggers are lusting over so I thought I would share with you some items I would absolutely love to own but are just too expensive. 

1. Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base - I have had my eye on this ever since one of my friends bought it and let me use it a couple of times. It can be used underneath makeup as a face base as the name suggests, or it can be used over makeup as a bronzer. I personally think  its best over foundation, it is such a gorgeous colour and completely matte which I absolutely love. Apparently this product goes out of stock on a regular basis and I can see why, I hope I have it in my collection soon!

2. Tom Ford Eye Quad - I absolutely love Tom Ford, I love the handbags, shoes and especially the makeup. I don't however love the prices! This eyeshadow looks absolutely amazing. I love creating a shimmery smokey eye in the evenings when I go out and I just think these colours would be perfect for it. 

3. Urban Decay Vice - I have recently seen a couple of reviews of this eyeshadow palette and it looks gorgeous. I love the variety of the colours, you could create so many different makeup looks with this. I have a couple of the Naked palettes and the eyeshadows are such good quality so I can just imagine how wonderful these are!

4. Tom Ford Brow Sculptor - I first spotted this in Glamour magazine and it sounds amazing. I love the convenience of having a brow pencil instead of powder as I find it sometimes quicker and easier to apply. I am always looking for a new product for my brows, it is one of my favourite to try out and I would love to have this in my collection. Shame I will never be able to justify £34 on a brow pencil!

5. Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow - Charlotte Tilbury products seem to be taking over the beauty world at the moment and there seems to be so much love towards them. I can only imagine how wonderful they are. Contouring my face is essential in my makeup routine and I don't think I go a day without even a little bit of bronzer or some highlighter. This duo looks gorgeous, the highlighter colour looks amazing and I love the packaging of the product.

6. Christian Louboutin Nail Colour - I first came across these whist browsing the Selfridges website and since then I have seen a few pictures of these on Instagram. The design is absolutely stunning, it is like no other nail varnish I've ever seen before and I would be proud to have one of these in my nail varnish drawer (in fact I would probably keep it on show because it's just so pretty!) There are a wide range of colours available which all look lovely. 

That's the end of my current wish list of beauty products which are just too expensive to justify buying. I might have to put a couple of these on my Christmas list this year! 

What do you think of these? What expensive beauty products are you lusting over at the moment?

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