Saturday, 29 November 2014

John Frieda Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray

If you are a blonde like me and have your hair bleached at the hairdressers, you will know that annoying fading process that happens in-between visits. I try lots of different products to prevent this and put of my next visit to the hairdressers, as I don't like to put bleach on my hair very often. These include silver shampoos, lightening shampoos, conditioners and the latest product I have tried is this John Frieda Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray. 

I feel it is important to mention at this point that this spray does contain hydrogen peroxide, so it is really important to follow the instructions seriously otherwise your hair could be left damaged. This is a controlled lightening spray, which means you will not see immediate results to your hair, John Frieda say results will be seen after 3-5 uses. 

It works with heat, so the best way to use this is to spray it on wet towel-dried hair, in the desired areas, then blow dry and then use straighteners or curlers to maximise the results. The instructions state to use this no more than 10 times as maximum lightening will have occurred by this point. 

John Frieda say that this product should not be used on natural brown or dark hair, or platinum and white shades of blonde hair. As my hair is naturally blonde with highlights every few months, I thought this spray would be suitable for my hair. 

I used this by spraying it only onto my roots only, I don't like to touch the ends of my hair as I want to keep them in good condition. Then blowdrying and ensuring lots of heat gets onto my roots to activate the spray. I used this every other wash for around six occasions. As it says, I didn't notice much difference after the second and third application, but by the forth I could definitely see my roots were getting lighter. It does say you can use it up to 10 times but after six I thought it was enough and didn't need anymore. 

I am really impressed with the results, it has lightened my dark blonde roots very well. It hasn't worked miracles on my hair as it doesn't completely match the colour to the rest of my hair, but it definitely enhances the blonde and doesn't make the roots coming through look obvious at all. I stopped using this after six applications, as I felt it was starting to develop a slight orange/ yellow tinge and I didn't want to make this worse. However, I have found a great way to prevent this by using some silver shampoo on my roots and leaving on for a few minutes which makes it look even lighter and bright. 

I think that this product will completely depend on the individuals hair type and colour, as different people's hair can react to colour differently. So like I said it is really important you are careful with this and if you feel it is becoming damaging then definitely stop.

I personally didn't find it damaged my hair at all, it didn't feel dry in anyway which is a great bonus, as sometimes after an application of bleach it can feel quite dry. With the combination of this spray and some silver shampoo this works wonders and can definitely delay a trip to the hairdressers to get those roots covered up.

Have you tried this spray? What did you think?


 x x x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Small MAC Haul & Review

Last week I took a day off work to go Christmas shopping in Cardiff, I did try very hard to resist stepping inside the MAC store as I knew it would be dangerous, but I just couldn't stop myself! I can justify the foundation as I have wanted another one of these for awhile and was running low on foundation, but the lipstick just kind of happened (oops).

Mac Matchmaster Foundation - £28

The foundation I purchased is the Mac Matchmaster in the shade 1.5. This range comes in numbers instead of the normal MAC shades like NW and NC and on the MAC website it says this is "New foundation technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalised finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin's undertone". 

I had this once before around a year ago, and if it wasn't so darn expensive I would of repurchased it straight away. I tried a few other foundations in between but nothing compares even slightly to this one. I know this is a very bold statement but this is definitely my favourite foundation of all time. 

I first came across this foundation when I went into MAC and asked what they recommended for oily skin, the lady in MAC said this was best as it gives a very matte finish. I will just mention that this is very matte, so if you don't like this or maybe have dry skin I don't recommend it. However, if like me you have oily skin and like a very matte finish, this will be perfect for you! 

It is so easy to apply, it blends into the skin really well and gives a medium finish. It lasts so well throughout the day, this is one of the only foundations I have tried where it really does reduce shine and absorb excess oil. The first time I wore this I was actually shocked, looking at my skin there was hardly any shine in the t-zone area half way through the day, and by the end of the day there was a bit but still not as much as other foundations. 

Another plus about this is the design, it comes in a glass bottle with a pump which I prefer as you can control how much product you want to come out. Although I do this it is quite expensive, compared to some other high end foundations I think it is actually quite a reasonable price.

Overall, as you can probably tell, this is my all time favourite product and I am so happy it's back in my collection. 

This lipstick caught my eye in the MAC store and I just couldn't resist. It is called 'Fresh Moroccan' and is from the Frost range. As I have mentioned in other posts, I absolutely love the Frost range, the lipsticks all have gorgeous shimmer, are very moisturising and last well on the lips. So I was sure I wasn't going to be disappointed with this one and I definitely am not! 

It is quite a brownish, bronze shade with a bit of a red undertone. It is quite a confusing shade, as off the lips it looks very brown, but on the lips/ skin as you can see in my swatch below it looks a lot more of a red colour. 

Mac Lipstick - Fresh Moroccan £15.50

I love this shade, it is very versatile and can be worn with a range of outfits. The brown colour makes it perfect for Autumn/Winter and the shimmer to it means it the perfect party shade for the festive season. It is so unique, I haven't seen a shade like this anywhere else. It's also not too out there, so if you aren't one for a bright red colour this is a great more subtle option. 

Have you tried either of these MAC products? What do you think? Are there any other MAC lipsticks you are loving for the festive season?


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My First Avon Products

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win Lauren from Blonde Vision's blog giveaway. This give-away featured lots of gorgeous prices - including the cutest weekly planner and pen I have ever seen (click this link to see), got2b volumizing powder, Batiste dry shampoo and finally these three Avon products which I am blogging about today. 

I was so excited that this prize featured these Avon products, I have never tried anything from Avon but have always wanted to see what it is like. As you can see, there is an eyeliner, a nail varnish and a lipstick. The first thing I have to mention about these is how gorgeous the packaging is. I love the black and white theme, I think the style and writing gives a real high end feel to the products. 

First up is this gel eyeliner pencil in a bold black colour. Lauren mentioned how much she loves this eyeliner so I was really excited to try this! I can definitely see why - I find it much easier to use than some other gel eyeliners, as it is in a pencil form it is very easy to apply. I find myself reaching for this most mornings when I'm in a rush to do my makeup as it is so convenient.

Next up is this Avon lipstick in the shade 'Cosy Mauve' from the bling collection. The design of the lipstick is so pretty, I love the 'AVON' print on the lipstick and the diamante detail on the lid definitely says bling which is very me. This is a great quality lipstick, it lasts really well on the lips and is very moisturising which is perfect for my dry lips. It also has a gorgeous shimmer to it when applied which I love as well. 

Finally is this beautiful pink glitter nail varnish. I was so excited when I saw this colour - it is just absolutely stunning and I love anything pink as everyone probably knows by now! I have tried it out and it is such great quality, you only really need one layer to get lots of glitter, where with some other glitter polishes I find you can need more sometimes. It gives a 3D effect and matte finish and it will be perfect for the festive season! 

I am so happy with each one of these Avon products and so glad I've been introduced to the brand. After browsing the Avon website there are so many items I now have my eye on. Thank you Lauren for hosting this giveaway and all my amazing prizes! 

Have you tried any of these? Are there any other Avon make up items you recommend?


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

VO5 Plump It Up- Dry Backcombing Spray

VO5 Dry Backcombing Spray - £4.19

Hi everyone! Just a quick post this evening about this product which I picked up on a total whim a few weeks ago and I am now completely obsessed with! The product I am talking about is the VO5 Plump It Up Backcombing Spray. I have quite thin hair and I really struggle with getting some good volume to it. I have tried so many voluming and thickening shampoos and all kind of hairsprays for backcombing. I have known for awhile backcombing sprays exist but for some reason I never considered buying one as I didn't see what more they could do than hairspray. However, when I spotted this in Boots I thought I would give it a go. I love VO5 and have tried a few of their products, their packaging is always gorgeous as well, I am a complete sucker for pink. 

When I bought this I originally thought it was something you would you to spray onto your hair before backcombing, the same way you would use hairspray on the hair before backcombing. However after reading the instructions and researching a bit about it, I have actually seen that it advertises itself as being able to provide the same voluminous affect as backcombing except without actually having to backcomb the hair.  

This is great, as without backcombing the hair you can save a lot of the damage it causes, and it really does work. I use this by lifting up a small section of my hair and spraying underneath onto my roots,
I then use my fingers to blend in. This creates a really good amount of volume on its own and adds grip to the hair so it stays in place for longer. Although you don't really have to backcomb as well as this, I do sometimes tend to just to ensure it stays in place. The spray adds so much grip to the hair to backcomb it well, but it doesn't force the hair in place the same way hairspray can sometimes do. 

This spray is also amazing as a dry shampoo, it gives life to flat second day hair and gets rid of greasy roots. I really am impressed with this product, it has multiple uses and I have been finding myself reaching for it everyday. I have also found that it lasts really well, a lot longer than some dry shampoo sprays I have tried. This retails at £4.19 in Boots which I think is a very reasonable price. 

Have you tried this spray? What do you think? Are there any other backcombing sprays you recommend?


Sunday, 16 November 2014

New MAC Lipsticks - Show Orchid and Viva Glam Rihanna

Show Orchid (£15.50) and Viva Glam Rihanna (£15.50)

Like most beauty bloggers and makeup addicts, I am a huge fan of MAC lipsticks. I really do think the quality of them just doesn't compare to any others I have tried and they have such a great range of colours and finishes. On a recent trip to London there was no doubt that I was going to have to take a trip to MAC and have a look. Going to a MAC store is always a treat for me as where I live there is nowhere that sells MAC nearby :(. This is probably a good thing though as I would be in there all the time...

The latest lipsticks to join my MAC collection are Show Orchid and Viva Glam Rihanna. I have an ever growing list of MAC lipsticks that I have my eye on and these are two that I have wanted for awhile. So, I thought I would treat myself. Is it just me or does being in London make you want to splurge a lot more?!

Rihanna has two shades of Viva Glam lipsticks for MAC, a warm mauve copper colour and the classic red which are both lovely shades. I went for the red, with Winter on its way I wanted a gorgeous red to add to my collection as most of my lipsticks are colours more suitable for summer. 

This lipstick is a blue-red shade which means it is a 'cool red' i.e., a blood red or purplish red colour. In comparison, a warm red would have orange tones. I didn't used to notice the difference that much,  but since my makeup obsession / knowledge has developed I can see clearly if you compare a cool red to a warm red that the warm red will be a lot more of a orange colour. 

This lipstick comes in MAC's Frost finish meaning it is very glossy and shimmery. I know this is not for everyone but I absolutely love how easy this makes the lipstick glide onto the lips. It is so creamy and moisturising which is perfect for dry lips which I often suffer with during Winter. I love the Frost finish but the only downside is that it doesn't last as long as others.

The last aspect of this lipstick which just has to be mentioned is the stunning limited edition packaging, it is such a gorgeous deep matte red with Rihanna's signature written around it.

The second lipstick I chose to purchase that day was Show Orchid. Although I definitely don't need another pink in my collection I jus couldn't resist this beautiful bright colour. Show orchid is a vivid hot pink colour with an Amplified finish. This means that the lipstick has the same pigmentation of a matte formula just without the drying quality and it has a slight sheen to it. This is the first Amplified lipstick I have and it is now definitely one of my favourite kind of finishes. Show Orchid has incredible pigmentation and gives great  coverage with just one stoke. The colour pay off is amazing and lasts for hours on the lips without fading.

Above shows swatches of each, Show Orchid on the left (look at the amazing pigmentation!) and Viva Glam Rihanna on the right. What do you think of these colours? Have you tried either of them?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Winter Essentials - Clothing

5. Elle Umbrella

I think it’s safe to say winter is well and truly on its way and with the changes in weather it has had me planning what I need this year. I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you all what I see as my must have items during winter – my winter essentials. So I will be doing a small series of posts to show you and first up is my clothing/ fashion essentials. 

1. Coat - I think one of the most essential of all the essentials is a winter coat. With the weather in Britain being as cold and rainy as it always gets a warm winter coat is definitely a must have. I have a few coats already but this year a really needed one with a hood for protection from the rain as I walk to work every day. I found the coat pictured above from Fashion Union and I love it. Considering the price is so reasonable, it is very good quality – very thick, warm and completely waterproof. It is perfect protection from the rain we have and definitely an essential for my walks to work.

2. Slippers - A pair of warm slipper boots are definitely a must have in my winter wardrobe. I practically live in these in the house when it’s a bit chilly, cold feet is the worst! The ones I have at the moment are starting to get worn and I am definitely considering purchasing these gorgeous ones from River Island.

3. Onesie - Onese’s have been everywhere the last few years for when the weather gets cold and I have to say it took me awhile to get on board. This is partly because I thought I’d find it a bit annoying wearing a one piece and partly because I am so short every one I came across was way too long on the legs for me. I bought my first onesie last year from Primark – it is a Hello Kitty design (yes I am a big kid) and age 12-13. I have been hooked ever since, I love Hello Kitty and it is the perfect fit. I definitely recommend looking in the kids section if you are short like me, it is a lot cheaper as well.

4. Leather Jacket - Leather jackets are a staple piece in a winter wardrobe and definitely a must have, I think every girl I know owns some kind of leather jacket! I purchased my leather jacket from New Look last year, which is similar to the one pictured above and I wear it all the time.

5. Umbrella - Although a slightly boring item and it is not clothing this is one that definitely has to feature in this post. Any of you also from the UK will know we always seem to get ridiculous amounts of rain, so having an umbrella in my handbag is a must at all times. Getting caught in the rain and ruining my straightened hair is one of my worst nightmares! (Ok a slight exaggeration but definitely a situation I prefer to prevent). I found this Elle umbrella from TK Maxx not long ago and I love it.

6. Boots - This time of year a good pair of boots to keep warm and dry is definitely essential. The last few weeks I have been searching everywhere for a pair of high black boots which are suitable for everyday wear. This was a lot harder than I would of liked, as I am so short must boots are too high on the leg. I found these boots in Kurt Geiger and they are perfect. 

7. Christmas Jumper - I am a massive fan of Christmas jumpers, I get so excited around Christmas time when I get to wear them! Last year I found the cutest gingerbread man number from New Look which I wore as much as I could! This year I have spotted this reindeer jumper from ASOS which looks so pretty and cosy.

8. Tartan -  I’m sure all you are aware that tartan is back again this year and to seems to be taking over the shops. I am a massive fan at the moment (see my tartan wish list) and some tartan pieces are definitely a must have to keep up with the autumn/ winter fashion trends. I spotted these leggings in New Look and I am thinking of purchasing them. They are such a pretty design and would look great paired with a black jumper and boots.

9. Fur -  I absolutely love faux fur material during this time of the year, it is so warm and cosy and perfect for the weather and there is something about it which feels very sophisticated and stylish. Last year I purchased a black fur coat from Wallis which I wore all the time and I’m excited to wear again this year. I spotted this scarf from Next while browsing online and it looks so warm and thick and would be perfect for the cold weather – a scarf is definitely an essential item for winter!

10. Sequin Dress - Last but not least is a bit of sparkle/ sequins or glitz and my idea of the perfect outfit for all Christmas parties and evening does is a glamorous dress featuring all of these. I spotted this gorgeous black dress from AX Paris which I think is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for any festive gatherings.

That's the end of my Winter Clothing Essentials! Do you like any of these? What are your winter essentials? 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Urban Decay - Naked 3

Naked 3 - £37
Ever since I got my hands on the first Naked eye shadow palette I knew I was hooked and since then I have wanted to get my hands on Naked 2 and 3. Not long ago, Feel Unique had a code for £10 off when you spend over £30. I couldn’t resist this great offer, so I choose to purchase Naked 3 for the price of £27 instead of £37 which in my eyes was a very good deal. At first I was stuck between Naked 2 and Naked 3 as I think they are both gorgeous and would love both in my collection. In the end I went for Naked 3 as I think the colours are just gorgeous, I love all the rose gold tones and I thought I would get a lot of use out of this palette every day. Also Naked 3 is the only Naked palette where all its colours are completely new and aren’t available anywhere else.

This palette contains 12 colours, including three mattes and the rest satin, shimmers or glitters. The colours range from some quite light and subtle which are perfect for everyday use and some darker shades which would be great for a heavier evening look. I love how versatile this palette is, it allows me to create a wide range of eye looks and it is really convenient for me as I travel a lot so I can take this palette with me and not have to worry about packing any other eye shadow products. I generally tend to use the matte shades during the day for work and the shimmery ones outside of work and in the evenings if I’m going out.

One of my favourite colours in Naked 3 is ‘Blackheart’ which is a deep black matte with red glitter throughout. This is like no other eye shadow colour I have seen before and I absolutely love using it on nights out for a dark smokey eye.

Naked 3 comes with a double-ended brush - one smaller end which I find best for applying the more glittery shadows which helps avoid fall out and the other end is a blending brush which blends really well. I do sometimes find it hard to find an eye brush that I am really happy with and they can be very expensive, so it is a great bonus to receive a good brush with this palette. Another great bonus of this is that it comes with all three of Urban Decay’s eye shadow primer potions – Original, Eden, Sin and Anit-aging. I’ve used most of these now and they lasted really well and it was useful that they were resealable which isn’t always the case with samples.

The packaging is another thing I love about the Naked 3 palette. It is a gorgeous rose-gold coloured tin with a large mirror inside. The first Naked palette is made from cardboard with a velvet covering and although this is strong and has lasted well, it is starting to look worn. So I am hoping the Naked 3 should last much better as it is protected in the tin case.

The quality of these eye shadows is really impressive. The colours are so pigmented, so when applied it doesn’t take much product to see a great result. As I said I often wear the more subtle colours for everyday and the staying power is amazing, they last on the eyelid all day without smudging or clumping up at all.

This palette retails at £37, so it works out as around £3 per eye shadow which is just amazing value. I was so impressed with the first Naked palette and I am so glad Naked 3 is just as good. Naked 2 is definitely on my wish list now, I hope to add this to my collection soon – am I keeping a look out for some more great Feel Unique offers!

Have you tried Naked 3? What do you think?


x x x 


Monday, 3 November 2014

6 Beauty Products I wish I Could Afford

1. Chanel  - Bronzing Makeup Base - £32
2. Tom Ford - Eye Quad - £63 
3. Urban Decay - Vice Palette - £42
4. Tom Ford - Brow Sculptor - £34
5. Charlotte Tilbury - Bronze and Glow - £49
6. Christian Louboutin - Nail Colour - £36

As somebody who is obsessed with makeup and beauty products there are always things I'm coming across that I've got my eye on. With reading magazines, blogs, Twitter and Instagram I am constantly exposed to the latest trends and beauty brands and my wish list just seems to grow and grow. Unfortunately, I have not won the lottery nor have I secured my dream highly paid job, so for now these products remain on my wish list and not in my makeup collection *sad face*. Anyway, I always  love to see what other bloggers are lusting over so I thought I would share with you some items I would absolutely love to own but are just too expensive. 

1. Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base - I have had my eye on this ever since one of my friends bought it and let me use it a couple of times. It can be used underneath makeup as a face base as the name suggests, or it can be used over makeup as a bronzer. I personally think  its best over foundation, it is such a gorgeous colour and completely matte which I absolutely love. Apparently this product goes out of stock on a regular basis and I can see why, I hope I have it in my collection soon!

2. Tom Ford Eye Quad - I absolutely love Tom Ford, I love the handbags, shoes and especially the makeup. I don't however love the prices! This eyeshadow looks absolutely amazing. I love creating a shimmery smokey eye in the evenings when I go out and I just think these colours would be perfect for it. 

3. Urban Decay Vice - I have recently seen a couple of reviews of this eyeshadow palette and it looks gorgeous. I love the variety of the colours, you could create so many different makeup looks with this. I have a couple of the Naked palettes and the eyeshadows are such good quality so I can just imagine how wonderful these are!

4. Tom Ford Brow Sculptor - I first spotted this in Glamour magazine and it sounds amazing. I love the convenience of having a brow pencil instead of powder as I find it sometimes quicker and easier to apply. I am always looking for a new product for my brows, it is one of my favourite to try out and I would love to have this in my collection. Shame I will never be able to justify £34 on a brow pencil!

5. Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow - Charlotte Tilbury products seem to be taking over the beauty world at the moment and there seems to be so much love towards them. I can only imagine how wonderful they are. Contouring my face is essential in my makeup routine and I don't think I go a day without even a little bit of bronzer or some highlighter. This duo looks gorgeous, the highlighter colour looks amazing and I love the packaging of the product.

6. Christian Louboutin Nail Colour - I first came across these whist browsing the Selfridges website and since then I have seen a few pictures of these on Instagram. The design is absolutely stunning, it is like no other nail varnish I've ever seen before and I would be proud to have one of these in my nail varnish drawer (in fact I would probably keep it on show because it's just so pretty!) There are a wide range of colours available which all look lovely. 

That's the end of my current wish list of beauty products which are just too expensive to justify buying. I might have to put a couple of these on my Christmas list this year! 

What do you think of these? What expensive beauty products are you lusting over at the moment?

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