Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Body Shop Makeup Haul

Around a month ago I went to a designer outlook not far from where I live and one of the shops they have there is The Body Shop. When I walked in was amazed to see the incredible offers they had on their products. It was 20% off when you buy two products, 30% when you buy three and 40% when you buy five items. Being a makeup addict I struggled to pick only a couple, and the 40% off was very appealing so I thought what the heck, lets get five! As you can see I actually ended up buying six items, but that's ok because it was such a good deal right?!

Brow Kit- £10
I have been struggling at the moment to find a brow powder that I am really happy with, so when I spotted this I thought it was definitely worth a try. This brow set comes in three different shades and this is the 02 Brunette and Brown. As you can see, there are two shades in this set and a double- ended brush. Even though my hair is quite light I like my eyebrows quite dark, and these colours are perfect for what I want. I have been blending the two shades together which I find works really well. These powders are super pigmented, you don't need much product to get a defined line on the eyebrows. The power lasts really well, by the end of the day my brows are still in tact, which is quite impressive. 

All-In-One Face Base- £14

At the time I bought these I had almost run out of the face powder I was using, so the next item I chose was this All-In-One Face Base. This retails at £14 which is quite expensive and I probably wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't for the offer I was getting. However, I am so glad I have it now! The 'All-In-One' name means that it is suitable to be used as either a foundation or a powder over foundation which is so convenient! I have been using it as a powder on top of my foundation to create the matte finish I like. It comes with a sponge and a mirror which is really useful as I have been keeping this in my handbag for when I need a little powder top up throughout the day. It gives quite full coverage and a lovely velvety finish. If you like a full coverage like me I definitely recommend this, however if you don't like a full coverage I think this would be great on its own without foundation underneath. 

Brow and Lash Gel- £10

I have not used a brow gel before so I thought this would be great to go with the brow kit. I apply this gel onto my eyebrows after applying the brow powder to hold them in place. It really does a great job and doing this and stops any brow hairs moving out of place throughout the day. I now find myself relying on this everyday as it makes a noticeable difference. Again this is quite pricey at £10 but I think its worth the money. 

Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation- £14
I love experimenting with foundations from different brands, so I was excited when I saw this to see what The Body Shop foundations are like. I have to say I probably should of done a bit more research  about this foundation before purchasing it, but I think I was getting carried away with the excitement of this great offer and bought it on a bit of a whim. 

There is nothing wrong with the product itself, its just not right for my skin. It is made with extra virgin oil and gives a dewy finish, which isn't what I look for in a foundation. As I have quite oily skin I look for a very matte finish so unfortunately this isn't for me. However, it is probably perfect if you have dry/ sensitive skin as it is so soft and silky and the price is very reasonable. 

Colour Crush Lipstick- £10

Next up is this lipstick in the shade 'Rush Of Pink'. I am obsessed with pink lipsticks (well anything pink really) so when I saw this colour I had to try it. This is from the Colour Crush range which aim to give a high impact colour and rich moisture. It definitely gives a high impact colour, it is a gorgeous electric bright pink and is very moisturising on the lips, it has great staying power as well. There are so many colours in this range so I will definitely be looking at these again.

Hand Cream- £3.50

The final product I picked up is this coconut hand cream. I had not tried one of The Body Shop's hand creams before this but I had heard such good things about them and couldn't wait to try it. I have taken this into work with me and it definitely a desk essential for a quick pamper and it absorbs very quickly. It smells absolutely gorgeous and if you like coconut I guarantee you will love this! There are so many different scents available, I can't wait to try more and for £3.50 you can't really go wrong. 

Thats the end of my Body Shop haul! What is your favourite? Have you tried any of the items I purchased? 

I have also just noticed the 40% off five products offer is available online at the moment if you are looking to buy anything! :)


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