Monday, 27 October 2014

River Island Haul

I have been a subscriber to Elle magazine for a while now and quite often they have gift cards included with them which is a nice little surprise. This month featured a 20% off River Island card which happens to be one of my favourite shops. With this being said there was only one thing to do - get myself down to River Island and see what was on offer! I didn't buy everything in this haul in one go, but over the last few weeks I have bought a few new items for Autumn/Winter from River Island  as they have had quite a good sale as well - so I thought it would be nice to share everything with you all in a post.

£15 - Link
One of the first things I picked up was this cropped grey 3/4 length sleeve top. I needed a few everyday tops and I thought this would be great with some high waisted jeans or leggings. I usually tend to stick to bright colours so I thought it would be nice to add some grey to my wardrobe this year and at £15 I thought this was very reasonable.

I absolutely love wearing red during this time of year, I love the colour and it makes me feel very festive. As soon as I saw this top I thought it would look great with some black jeans and a statement necklace. I can't seem to find the link on the website now so I'm not sure if its sold out and I can't seem to remember how much it was (I know I should keep the labels!) but I think it was around £15. 

Jumper - £15
Jumper - £15
In the sale I spotted these two jumpers, both were reduced from £35 to £15 so I just couldn't leave without them! I love the heart design on both, they are so thick and look like they are going to be so warm and cosy during the cold winter months - I can't wait to wear them.

Leggings - £12

Also in the sale I found these grey leggings reduced to £12 from £22. The only leggings I had before this were black so I thought it would be nice to expand my collection, I think these will go great with the two jumpers above. They are so thick and such good quality so I'm very pleased to find them in the sale and can see myself wearing these a lot. 

Jeggings - £40
I have wanted a pair of these River Island jeggings for so long now, but haven't been able to justify spending £40 as I think that's quite a lot, so I thought having the 20% off card was the perfect time to invest in a pair. They are such good quality and I love that they are available in a short length as I always struggle with trousers being too long (I'm such a shorty!). These jeggings fit so well and are very comfortable, I am definitely going to be wearing these a lot. 
Socks - £4 each or 3 for £8
Whilst browsing River Island I spotted these cute little ankle socks. I love the frills on these, they will be perfect with a pair of ankle boots to add a bit of detail - and with the 3 for £8 offer I obviously had to buy three pairs!
I thought with my 20% off voucher it would be the perfect time to pick up a few nice pieces of jewellery from River Island, I always look what they have but haven't actually bought very much as I think it can sometimes be quite expensive. However saying that I actually think these earrings are quite reasonably priced and with the discount it was even better. I chose I couple or pairs of hoops which I love to jazz up an outfit in the evening, and a pair of black and gold studs for everyday. 
Bracelet - £5
I also found this gorgeous gold leaf bracelet which I absolutely love. It will be perfect to add to an evening outfit during the winter and I thought £5 was quite reasonable.

Boots - £30
Last but definitely not least (in fact this is probably my favourite purchase out of everything) are these River Island boots. I have had my eye on these for a while but could not justify spending £45 on them. To my delight I spotted these while I was shopping in Cardiff reduced to £30 so I just had to buy them! I have seen this style of boot around a lot these season and I absolutely love it. They are so comfortable considering they have such a big heel - as the wedge makes it feel like you aren't really even wearing a heel. I think these will definitely be getting a lot of use, I can't wait to wear them already. 
So that's the end of my River Island haul - I definitely need to have a clothes shopping ban for a few weeks now! Although this is going to be hard as there are so many lovely autumn/pieces appearing all the time.
Do you like any of the items I bought? What's your favourite? Have you got any recent haul posts? I'd love to have a read :)
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