Friday, 24 October 2014

No7 Lipstick - Raspberry

Not long ago was the launch of the No7 lipstick match service offered in Boots. If you are not familiar with this it is when they match you with lipsticks shades which best suit your skin tone. If you have ever had the foundation match in Boots it is the same process. They scan a patch of your face (makeup free) and it tells you the most suitable foundation shade for your skin. Based on which foundation it tells you, there are then a selection of lipsticks which are best suitable. When I first heard about this I wasn’t really sure what to think, as to be honest I don’t really mind whether or not a lipstick matches my skin tone necessarily, if I like a lip colour and think it goes with my outfit or makeup I will wear it. Despite this I wanted to try the service, as I am a fan of No7 lipsticks and I had a Boots No7 voucher (love these!). 

I was surprisingly impressed with the selection of lipsticks it recommended for me. There was a range of pinks which were gorgeous and also a lovely selection of reds, with some that I wouldn’t normally have gone for as I’m not very brave with darker shades. The No7 lady was so helpful and patient as I tried out a few different colours and after my experience I have to say I do recommend trying out the lipstick match service. It forced me to branch out of my usual colours and go for something different and it is free so even if it doesn’t really help, you haven’t lost any money.

I ended up going for the colour ‘Raspberry’ from the Stay Perfect range. When I tried it I really liked it and I thought it would be perfect for Autumn. I only have one other lipstick from the Stay Perfect range and I have been really impressed with it, the staying power really is amazing. Raspberry is the most gorgeous colour, it is quite close to red, though in my swatch it looks dark pink. I like to apply it with a lip brush as I think it is neater, and the staying power again lives up to my expectation. It is quite matte but still creamy and not drying at all. It claims to last six hours, I’m not sure if it did last up to six hours exactly, but I’ll just say I applied it in the morning before work and there was still some left at lunchtime – this I find very impressive.

This is the third No7 lipstick in my collection and now a favourite of mine for this season. They are such a reasonable price and so far all the ones I’ve had I’ve bought with a Boots voucher which makes it even better! There are so many colours and I can definitely see my collection growing.

Have you tried any No7 lipsticks? What do you think of them?

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