Thursday, 30 October 2014

Benefit- Rockateur

Benefit - Rockateur - £23.50
A few weeks ago when I was celebrating my graduation from university I was wandering House of Fraser with my parents and my lovely Mum offered to treat me to a new item of makeup. I knew straight away I wanted a blusher as I didn’t really have one I was that fond of at the time. As this was a nice little surprise to me I have to say I didn’t actually have any idea which blush I wanted and purchasing Rockateur was a very spur of the moment decision. I normally research everything before I buy and read lots of reviews so this was a bit of a risk. I spotted the Benefit counter and couldn’t resist having a look, I always enjoy looking at everything they have as the packaging and layout is always so pretty.

The packaging of Rockateur  is gorgeous, I love the pink and black design it is so girly and perfect for me. As for the actual product when i first looked it didn’t actually appeal to me that much as I saw the strong gold shimmer and thought it would be too much for everyday wear – I was actually leaning more towards purchasing Dandelion. However after chatting to the lady at the counter she explained that the gold shimmer on Rockateur is actually just the top layer and once you get through that there isn’t actually that much shimmer and it is more of a matte finish. She kindly allowed me to try both on my skin and I could see she was right – the rose colour of Rockateur was gorgeous and Dandelion I felt was much too light for me.

Since trying out Rockateur a few more times I can see there actually isn’t any glitter whatsoever once you get past the top layer, there is just a light shimmer which looks very pretty. It is very subtle when applied which I feel makes it perfect for everyday wear when you don’t want too much – just a slight colour to the cheeks. It is also great if you want to build up your cheek colour, as when you add a couple more layers the shimmer becomes more noticeable which makes it perfect for an evening look.

The only negative I have about Rockateur is that I’m not really fan of the brush that comes with it. Like all brushes that come with the Benefit boxes it is small and compact to fit inside the packaging. Although this is very convenient if you are traveling I find the bristles don’t feel very nice and I find it much easier to apply where you want it by using my Real Techniques blush brush.  

I am so pleased the lady in Benefit leaned me towards purchasing this blush as I probably wouldn’t of otherwise. It has become a staple item now in my everyday makeup as I think the rose colour is absolutely gorgeous, very flattering and gives the face a nice warmth which looks great.

Have you tried this blush from Benefit? What do you think?
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