Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

When I first saw that Nivea had released an in- shower moisturiser I was so excited at the concept, and a bit sceptical at same the time. I mean it just doesn't seem right rubbing moisturiser into the skin and then rinsing off straight away.. Surely it would just all wash off I thought. Despite this doubt, I knew I had to try it and find out for myself.

I picked up the normal to dry skin cocoa butter moisturiser. It also comes in almond oil or sea minerals but I couldn't resist the amazing smell of cocoa butter which is one of my favourite scents. The smell really is amazing, and it can still be smelt on the skin after rinsing off and towel drying which is great. 

It is basically a conditioner for the body instead of the hair. You wash your body with your normal shower products and then as a final step, apply this moisturiser into the body then rinse off. I have been switching off the water to give my skin a proper coating in this before switching on to rinse off, otherwise I found it wasn't having any chance to rub into the skin properly, I recommend doing it this way if you are going to use this. You also do not really need to leave it on long, you can rinse off almost immediately. 

On to the results... Even after rinsing off and drying after the shower, every time I use this I can really feel the results, my skin feels so soft and silky. I can really notice a difference when I have used it and when I haven't. If you are wondering how this works, Nivea states:   "NIVEA In-Shower Body Moisturiser is activated by water and immediately absorbs into the skin. It leaves a nourishing and caring film on the skin surface without a sticky feeling"  on their website.

This is perfect for occasions when there isn't much time to spend moisturising the skin and waiting for it all to dry on the skin. I have been using this in the mornings and have made this part of my everyday shower routine now, I can't see how I ever showered without it now! Just remember it doesn't contain any cleansing properties so using normal shower gel is a must as well to wash the skin. It can also make the shower floor slippery so watch out for this!

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Jenny x x x

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