Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Thoughts After Graduation

Yesterday I graduated from university. Just writing that feels scary! Four years ago this week, I made my way down to Plymouth as a nervous fresher moving almost a four hour drive away from home with no idea what to expect. The thought of graduating felt so far away I never even thought about it and I still can't believe it is all over.

If someone had told me then I would be graduating with a first class degree in Business Studies I would have laughed and said 'I wish'. But it happened! I did get a first and it still feels surreal saying that. I am not telling you all this to brag, I am telling you this to make the point that anything is possible and no dream is too big. As cheesy as that sounds, and as much as I would of been the first to say 'whatever', I genuinely believe this now.

It wasn't the smoothest of starts into university life. I have always got pretty average results throughout school and I didn't get the A Level results for my first choice University. Results day was pretty much spent in tears and disappointment. However, I got over this and decided to be happy that I was actually going to University which is what I always wanted. 

First and second year pretty much flew by in no time at all. My third year was spent doing an industrial placement at a Pharmaceutical company. It wasn't long before I worked out this wasn't the area I wanted to go into in the future, it wasn't a great job and it was a difficult year. Despite this, working in the real world was such a great experience to have and make me much more confident as a person. Also, sticking out that year has made me a much stronger and determined individual. 

I spent most of my time in my fourth and final year at University in the library, sacrificing many nights out and socialising. This was really hard at the time, but I tell you now it is so worth it at the end. 

Finishing exams in May this year felt like a bit of an anti-climax, so much revision and hard work and then suddenly it all stops and I started thinking 'what do I do now?'. I'm sure any other graduates out there know this feeling and know that it is very scary. 

The job hunting began, and with quite a few rejections I was starting to lose hope of getting a job in the industry I wanted. However, in August after a lot of searching I found a job in the area of Business I want to go into. I have been doing it now for six weeks and I can honestly say I like the job. 

Looking back, even only a few months ago I never thought I would be in this situation. I was struggling my way through final year and hadn't even thought about what I was going to do after university. Now I have got the degree I dreamed of and a job I am happy in. 

I am also just managing to accept the fact that I am know longer a student, I'm now an official adult and entering the real world. Although this is a scary thought, I am embracing this and so excited for the future. 

So I guess this is just a little bit of motivation for anyone who feels they won't get where they want to be and might be losing hope. If you are a fresher, it is possible to get the degree you are hoping for. If you are a graduate, you will get the job you want, it just takes time and perseverance. 

Graduation has really made me appreciate everything in my life, shown me how quick time passes and made me realise that if I put in the effort, it is possible to get where I want to be.  My next aspiration is to move to London and secure a job there. It feels so far away now but I am positive this will happen and will not stop until it does.

I hope this post has been worth reading, I haven't written anything like this before so I'd love some feedback. Have any of you had any big changes or experiences in your life recently? Have you got any posts like this? I'd love to read them :)

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