Wednesday, 3 September 2014

MAC Gel Eyeliner - Blacktrack

MAC 'Blacktrack' - £15.50
For the last few years I have sworn by gel eyeliners, with my favourite being Maybelline's 'Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner'. This product is great and for £7.99 you can't really go wrong. I have stuck to this product for so long mainly because I love it and also because I haven't really seen much hype about any other gel eyeliners in pots (maybe I've just missed it!).

Anyway, for my birthday a few weeks ago one of the presents I received was this MAC gel liner. I hadn't ever thought about trying this product before but seeing it in my possession I was so excited to try it!

As you can see the colour is an intense matte jet black. I have used this quite a few times now on my upper lash line and also on my waterline and I am very satisfied with the results. You only need a tiny amount to get enough pigment on the lids and the formula is very smooth and easy to spread. It is also very smudge proof which is great if you are like me and a bit clumsy/ not very patient when it comes to applying eyeliner! 

I have been applying it with my Topshop eyeliner brush (which I absolutely love) as you can see in the picture above, and it glides on effortlessly with its lovely creamy texture. 

It lasts on my lids all day and particularly on my waterline it lasts a while longer than the Maybelline gel liner. So, although the product is quite pricey at £15.50 it does seem to be worth the investment. I am also very convinced that it will last me a long time as I have hardly made a dent in it yet.

Although I do absolutely love the Maybelline gel liner and think it is such good quality for the price, it seems I have a new favourite for the time being!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

Jenny :)

 x xx 

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