Saturday, 12 July 2014

Nails Inc. Save The Nail- Bridge The Ridge Base Coat

Nails Inc. Save The Nail- Bridge The Ridge Base Coat- £5.95

For the last few months I have been paying quite a lot of attention to my nails and putting a lot of effort into them. I have a UV lamp which I absolutely love, so I have been using gel polish on my nails for awhile now. I really love it when my nails have gel polish on them, they are so much stronger and hardly ever break or chip, it gives such a nice shine to them and lasts for so long! 

However, unfortunately there always seems to be one nail which isn't the same length as the others and I have often found myself using glue on nails now and again. Whenever I take the gel and fake nails off my real nails, there always seems to be some residue left from the glue or gel. This has been proving rather annoying when I try to paint my nails with normal varnish as there are lots of ridges or uneven areas. 

I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks and I don't want to use gel on my nails as I might want to change the colour (and just in case any peel off!), so I knew I needed to sort out these ridges. 

I found this Nails Inc. 'Bridge The Ridge Base Coat' in Boots and decided to give it a go. I have just used it for the first time and I am so impressed with the results! I applied one coat and I could already tell it had made a difference. My nails felt smoother and stronger as it seems to be quite a thick formula (but not too thick!). Then when I applied a colour over it, there was absolutely no signs of ridges at all. 

I am so happy I have found this product, I can see myself using this a lot now. I am going to try it on my toe nails next as they are more prone to having ridges. 

I really recommend this to anyone that has ridges in their nails, and it is such a good price at £5.95. I also think the packaging is so cute as well!

Does anyone else find ridges in nails so annoying?! Has anyone else tried this? What do you think? 


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