Thursday, 3 July 2014

Empties #1

I love it when bloggers write posts about product empties, because it really shows you a true opinion of the product if they have been using it a lot. Also, if a blogger is telling you they love something you can feel confident you are getting an honest review as they must love it if they have used it all!

So I have decided to start a series of posts called 'empties'. When I feel I have enough empties I will gather them up and write a review of each item.

Firstly is this Batiste dry shampoo which was £3.99 from Boots. I have bought this brand of dry shampoo before and always liked it, so I wanted to try their version for blonde hair. I am really impressed with it. As it says on the bottle it has a hint of colour in the spray, which is such a nice blonde colour and it really refreshes my hair one or two days after a wash. I have to say though, I have always thought this brand is rather expensive for what it is as I feel the bottles run out quite quickly. I recently purchased Superdrug's version of dry shampoo for blonde hair, which is almost exactly the same and much cheaper! So I will be buying that next time. 

One of my friends asked if I wanted this 'Heel Genius' foot cream from Soap and Glory as she wasn't impressed with the results and didn't like the smell. As I always like to try new products I said yes but I wasn't expecting much as we usually agree on things. However, in this case we did not agree! It is so creamy and moisturising and I don't actually mind the smell. Its not amazing, but its not horrible either, but it does make the feet feel cool and refreshed and much softer. It is priced at £5.50 which I think is reasonable as it lasts really well. I will probably be purchasing this myself.

I purchased this St. Tropez 'Perfect Legs' spray as part of a set from Feel Unique recently. I've never really tried a spray fake tan before this as I normally just go for creams or mousses. I love St. Tropez so was expecting to be really impressed with this product. I am definitely impressed, it gives such a nice colour, smells really nice and is such an easy application. It is a fake tan which builds up over a few hours and gives a lasting tan, but it also gives more of an instant colour than the St. Tropez mousse, so it is great if you need a tan quickly. The only issue I had is that it runs out quite fast, and is quite pricey at £10 a bottle. 

Next up is this Garnier BB Cream. I purchased this last summer to go on holiday, it has taken me quite awhile to finish this, so I can definitely say I am impressed with how long it lasts. I bought this BB cream for holiday as I don't like to use foundation when its so hot outside, incase it melts off and to allow my face to tan properly. It gives a light coverage which is just enough for me to be happy with it and not apply anything else to my face. On a normal day I prefer more coverage from a foundation, which is why I have taken so long to finish it. However, I have started using it when I go to the gym as I don't like to wear much make up there, and I will be repurchasing it to go on holiday again this year. 
This MAC foundation is now officially my favourite foundation ever! I love love love it. I am so sad that it has finished as I currently can't justify spending £27.00 to buy it again. When I went into MAC I asked them to match me with a very matte foundation as I have oily skin and love matte foundations, and this is what they suggested. This is the match master in number 2. After using it a few times I could see how good it is, it gives coverage for a full day and I didn't feel I needed to reapply it at all. It is also really easy to apply and blends into the face very well. It is safe to say I highly recommend this and will be repurchasing as soon as I can afford it!

Next is this MAC lipstick in Pink Pearl Pop. This is such a gorgeous girly, barbie pink colour which I absolutely love. This was a birthday present from one of my friends last year and I have used it up so quickly, will definitely be adding it to my ever growing wish list of MAC lipsticks. 

I know this isn't completely empty, but I have almost run out of the wax section of my Benefit Brow Zings, which was my favourite part. As you can tell I used the wax part a lot more than the powder and it is such a good product. It stays on all day really well, and allows me to get a really defined line. The powder sits so well on top of the wax, but I'm not sure I'd use the powder on its own so I will be repurchasing this, or looking for a similar wax product. If anyone knows of any I would love some suggestions!

Lastly, is this No 7 'Stay Precise Liquid Liner'. I bought this when I had a Boots No7 voucher and I'm so glad I did! It is a really good liner, stays on for hours and has such a good brush with it. I have recently been quite unimpressed with the brushes that come with liquid liners so I'm really pleased I have found this. There is a link here to the liner on the Boots website, which allows you to see how thin and lovely the brush looks, as I forgot to take a picture.

Thats the end of my first empties post, hope you enjoyed reading, I'd love any feedback :)


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