Friday, 18 July 2014

Holiday Haul- Featuring: New Look, Primark & Topshop

Last week I went to Cardiff with one of my friends for a day of shopping. Cardiff has an amazing selection of shops, I always get so excited when I go there, and I have to say I got a bit carried away with some last minute holiday shopping.....

Blue Inc- £10
Firstly, I found this dress in the sale in Blue Inc. I haven't been into this shop very often and I didn't really know what it was like, but I was quite impressed with their sale. There was a really nice selection of summer dresses. I found this black floral dress which was only £10 and I think it will be perfect for an evening out on holiday.

New Look- £9.99
In New Look I found this gorgeous hot pink cami crop top. It is such a lovely bright pink colour (not sure the picture does it justice!) I couldn't find the pink online, but I have linked to the black version, as it comes in a few different colours on the website which all seem really nice.
New Look- £12.99

Also in New Look I found this palm tree beach bag. I am so obsessed with the palm tree print this summer (if you couldn't already tell by my palm tree wish list!) and I am loving how popular it is becoming in shops. I kept seeing palm tree prints everywhere in the shops and was getting very, very tempted by everything. 

Primark- £12
Next stop was Primark. I was so excited for a trip here because Cardiff has just opened up a new, ginormous Primark store. I was not disappointed, it was amazing and I think we actually spent well over an hour in there! I first spotted these denim shorts, they will be perfect to slip over a bikini on holiday during the daytime and I love the diamante detail. 
Primark- £8
I needed a pair of sandals for during the day on holiday, and I thought these would be perfect. I love the baby pink colour and the detail is so pretty. I always find Primark do such a nice range of summer sandals for such a good price, I was spoilt for choice.

Primark- Top £3 and Bottoms £4

Back to my palm tree obsession.... This bikini is just so pretty. I can't wait to wear this on holiday, and you just can't say no with a price like that.

Topshop- £36
My final purchases of the day were from Topshop. I wanted a new pair of white jeans as my current ones are starting to look worn, and I love jeans from Topshop as they always seem to fit me better than anywhere else. These are the MOTO White Wash Joni Jeans, they are a super skinny fit and high waisted.
Topshop £20
I found these black wedges in the Topshop sale, they were reduced from £55 to £20. I was so happy when I tried them on and they fit, there was no way I could say no to them at this amazing price. These will definitely be coming on holiday with me, they will be perfect for the evenings. 

Thats the end of my holiday haul. I have well and truly spoilt myself with new clothes for my holiday, I will definitely be on a spending ban for awhile when I get back!

What have you all been buying recently? Does anyone else have any holiday posts?


x x x


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Top Five Holiday Reads



Today I have been getting together a selection of books on my Kindle that I am going to read while I'm away on holiday, and I thought it would be a nice idea to share these in a post. 

I have five books which I've purchased on my Kindle, not sure I will get through all these on holiday but I hope to read them all by the end of summer. 

1. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

This book was top of the charts for so long last year and I have only just got round to getting it! It's a thriller about a man who's wife goes missing and the story of what really happened. I can't wait to read it as it sounds so gripping!

2. You're The One That I Want- Giovanna Fletcher

I've heard so many good things about this book from other bloggers and it seems very popular! I love a good love story and after reading the blurb I instantly wanted to start reading. 


3. The Fault In Our Stars- John Green

I really want to read this before I see the film as I much prefer it that way around, so I'm glad I'm finally going to be reading the book. It's a story about a girl with a terminal illness and meets a boy and falls in love, it sounds so emotional and sad so hope I it doesn't make me cry!


4. Escape for the Summer- Ruth Saberton

This is a story about three girls, unhappy about the way their lives are going and escape for a holiday away together. This sounds like such a fun, romantic and easy read and one I can't wait to enjoy this summer.

5. Love, Lies and Lemon Cake- Sue Watson

This is described in the blurb as "A laugh-
out-loud, bittersweet comedy about taking your life back before it’s too late". It sounds like book I could definitely get lost in and I am excited to start reading it this summer.

So those are the five books I'm taking away with me this summer. Has anyone read these? What are your summer holiday reads?


 x x x


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Holiday Essentials

Next week I am going on holiday to Portugal for 10 days and today I have been getting organised with everything I am going to be taking with me. I have put together this post which will show you what are my holiday essentials. Obviously this isn't everything I'm taking with me, I have a lot of clothes/ shoes etc to pack as well, but I won't even go into that as we would be here for hours! This is mainly the beauty related products and a few others that I feel are essential for going away. 

1. Electricals- Firstly, are my Kindle, camera and iPod. I would be lost without my Kindle on holiday, I can spend hours sunbathing an reading my the pool, and I love my kindle as it means I don't have to carry heavy books in my suitcase. I also love to listen to music while sunbathing so my iPod is essential. I usually take most of my photos on my phone, but it's nice to have my camera with me as well, as on holiday I don't like to take my phone everywhere with me.

2. Suncream and Aftersun- Burning whist on holiday is such an annoying/ painful experience and one I will be doing my best to prevent by using suncream. I will probably start with the 25spf and then move onto the 15spf once I start to get a tan. I love applying aftersun to stop any peeling and moisturise the skin. I love this Nivea aftersun, it cools the skin and has a handy spray cap.

3. Hair Products - I love Aussie hair products but have not tried this beach range before. It says its just like the 'Miracle Moist' range and sounds perfect for dry beach hair. I will most likely distribute these into a smaller bottle as they will probably be too heavy. I didn't want to buy the travel mini ones as its such better value buying them full sized! I have however bought a mini travel hairspray, argan oil as my hair can get dry and Got2b powder for some volume in the evenings. 

4. Mini toothpaste and mouthwash- I bought these minis from Superdrug, they are the perfect size and there is no way I would be able to pack a full size bottle of mouthwash!

5. Other Minis- Other products I am taking with me are these mini shower gels and Satin Care shave gel. These will be perfect as they are moisturising and sensitive to the skin, just in case I do burn a bit.  I also bought a mini deodorant and insect repellent (I get bitten all the time on holiday!).

6. Travel Money Card and Euros- A lot of you may already know about the post office travel money card, but just in case you don't I thought I would mention it as I really recommend it. It is basically a card which you top up at the post office or online, with however much money you want to take with you (in any currency) and you can use it at all cash points in most countries. It's just a safer way to carry money instead of taking bank cards with you. I have used this for my last couple of holidays and really like it. I have also got some Euros in cash as well.

7. Palettes-  I think make up palettes are great for going on holiday as I can take only a couple and have a lot of what make up I need covered already. My Naked palette has to come as I use those eyeshadows everyday, and this Benefit palette contains a mini mascara, blush, lipgloss and other things which will be perfect to take as well.

8. Sunglasses and Bikinis- I have ridiculously sensitive eyes so sunglasses are essential for me on holiday otherwise I will have my eyes closed half the time! These will probably never leave my face and I will end up with panda eyes as usual, oh dear.. Bikinis are also a must on holiday, I will be wearing a bikini most days. These two are my current favourites, the pink one is from New Look and the zebra print is from Matalan.

9. Skin Care Products-  I always find my skin gets quite dry on holiday from being in the sun and going in and out of the sea/pool. I swear by this E45 cream, I have been using it for awhile now and it is so moisturising to the skin. I will probably use this each day as well as aftersun. The Garnier and Elemis products are mattifying moisturisers for the face. Despite my skin getting dry I can sometimes find the heat makes oily skin on the face even worse, so hopefully these will help.

10. Nail Varnish- As I am away for 10 days nail varnish is a must just incase any of my nails chip and I like to change the colour a couple of times. This summer I am loving the Polish For Tans collection by Models Own, I probably won't take all five colours but it's going to be hard choosing! I'm also packing my Sally Hansen cuticle oil to keep my cuticles moisturised in the hot weather.

So there's my holiday essentials for this year. Looking at all these products laid out I am beginning to wonder how it is all going to fit and stay within the weight luggage allowance.... Why is packing so stressful?!

What are your holiday essentials? 


 x x x


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Lipcote- Lipstick Sealer

Lipcote Lipstick Sealer- £3.69

Hi all, hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I have been doing lots of shopping and organising for my holiday next week (exciting!). This evening I am blogging about this Lipcote Lipstick Sealer which I absolutely love. I have heard of products like this before, but never really thought they would work. I'm not sure what actually persuaded me to finally buy it, but somehow it ended up in my basket in Boots.

The point of it is that by applying this on top of your lipstick, it will  seal it and make it stay on your lips much longer. I tried this out with a couple of different lipsticks and to be honest at first I wasn't that impressed, I didn't really notice a difference. 

However, I recently wore a matte red lipstick to a wedding last weekend and used this lipstick sealer, and it worked so well! The red lipstick lasted for hours and I only had to top it up once or twice all day.

The first two lipsticks I tried this with were MAC cream sheen finishes. So, I have come to the conclusion that this lipstick sealer only works with matte lipsticks, not with creamy ones. I suppose it would be too perfect if creamy lipsticks could stay on for hours, but  I just don't see that happening! It does tingle a tiny bit when you apply it and has a strong smell, but it does the job. I will definitely be using this every time I wear a matte lipstick and want it to stay on for awhile.

Has anyone else tried this product? Did you have the same results or different? 


 x x x


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Nails Inc. Save The Nail- Bridge The Ridge Base Coat

Nails Inc. Save The Nail- Bridge The Ridge Base Coat- £5.95

For the last few months I have been paying quite a lot of attention to my nails and putting a lot of effort into them. I have a UV lamp which I absolutely love, so I have been using gel polish on my nails for awhile now. I really love it when my nails have gel polish on them, they are so much stronger and hardly ever break or chip, it gives such a nice shine to them and lasts for so long! 

However, unfortunately there always seems to be one nail which isn't the same length as the others and I have often found myself using glue on nails now and again. Whenever I take the gel and fake nails off my real nails, there always seems to be some residue left from the glue or gel. This has been proving rather annoying when I try to paint my nails with normal varnish as there are lots of ridges or uneven areas. 

I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks and I don't want to use gel on my nails as I might want to change the colour (and just in case any peel off!), so I knew I needed to sort out these ridges. 

I found this Nails Inc. 'Bridge The Ridge Base Coat' in Boots and decided to give it a go. I have just used it for the first time and I am so impressed with the results! I applied one coat and I could already tell it had made a difference. My nails felt smoother and stronger as it seems to be quite a thick formula (but not too thick!). Then when I applied a colour over it, there was absolutely no signs of ridges at all. 

I am so happy I have found this product, I can see myself using this a lot now. I am going to try it on my toe nails next as they are more prone to having ridges. 

I really recommend this to anyone that has ridges in their nails, and it is such a good price at £5.95. I also think the packaging is so cute as well!

Does anyone else find ridges in nails so annoying?! Has anyone else tried this? What do you think? 


x x x


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Summer Clothing Haul

I love reading haul posts as I love having a nosey at what other bloggers have been buying. Now that summer is here I have recently been buying some items to add to my summer wardrobe, so I thought it was about time I did a haul. Expect another one soon as well, as I'm going shopping tomorrow in Cardiff for my holiday and there are quite a few items I want! (eekkk going to have to have some serious willpower!)

Miss Selfridge- £39

Now that I have finished university, I have been applying to lots of jobs and recently had a couple of interviews. I wanted a smart dress that was appropriate for interviews and also nice for summer as well. I found this dress in Miss Selfridge, and when I saw it first I wasn't sure, but when I tried it on I loved it. I love the flowery pattern and the orange detail on the collar is such a lovely touch. I recently found out I got the job I wanted after wearing this to my interview, so now it is my lucky dress! I'm sure it will get much more use in the office this summer. 

Miss Selfridge- £20

Also in Miss Selfridge I found these black heels to go with the dress. They are such a smart shoe and I know they will be getting a lot of use all year round. They were in the sale from £40 to £20 which made me very happy!

Primark- £10-15

I found this white kimono in Primark and I am so pleased with it. There are so many kimonos around this summer and I think they are gorgeous. I love that I have found a nice white one as it will go with so many different outfits, and the lace detail on this is so pretty. I can't actually remember whether it was £10 or £15 but I know it was in that price range, either way its a good price. 

Primark- £10

I like sandals that are easy to slip on without any buckles so when I saw these in Primark I thought they would be perfect. I have worn them a few times now and they are so comfortable, and they are real leather which is a nice bonus for only £10!

Boohoo- £4

I bought a few tops on Boohoo recently and the first was this coral crop top. Boohoo do this crop top in a few different colours, I think they are so nice and easy to wear with any outfit. I will definitely be taking this on holiday with me.

Boohoo- £8

I think the pattern on this crop top is so pretty and I thought it would look nice with a pair of white jeans or demin shorts when I go on holiday. I paid £8 and I have just seen it is now reduced to £6, I hate it when this happens! Oh well, £8 was a good price anyway, if anyone has their eye on this top grab it quick, what a bargain!

Boohoo- £6

Finally from Boohoo is this palm tree cami. I think this is my favourite, I love the palm tree print at the moment, and this top is exactly what I was looking for. I have worn it with denim shorts and white jeans and I think it makes a really nice outfit.

Fashion Union- £9
I couldn't resist this floral bodysuit when I saw it was reduced to £9  on the Fashion Union website. It is so pretty and the love the print. This is definitely coming on holiday with me!

New Look - £24.99

Finally are these pink sandals from New Look. I love this style of sandal and have seen so many around recently. These sandals come in a few colours, and I wasn't sure if I wanted white or pink. I decided I couldn't resist the pink! They are so comfortable and I am very happy I bought them.

What do you think of my summer haul? Do you have any? I'd love to see what everyones buying this summer :)


x x x


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

MAC Lipstick - Pink Nouveau

Recently Jess from That Curly Girl hosted a giveaway to celebrate reaching 100 followers on Bloglovin (congratulations!). The prize was a MAC lipstick of your choice, and I was lucky enough to win the giveaway! 

I picked the colour 'Pink Nouveau' which I have had my eye on for awhile. It is a bold, bright pink colour, but not too much, meaning it is a very wearable everyday colour, and something I can see becoming a regular on my lips this summer. It has a satin finish which means it is highly pigmented but also moisturising as well. It is my first from this range and I am really impressed with it.

I am so lucky to have won this giveaway, so thank you to Jess for hosting it and offering such a great prize!

Has anyone else tried Pink Nouveau? What do you think?


x x x


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Wedding Outfit

Shoes- Guess
Fascinator- Debenhams
Bag- Mulberry

This weekend I went away for a family wedding. I love weddings and haven't been to one for ages, so I was so excited when I got the invite and couldn't wait to start planning my outfit. I knew I wanted something yellow, as I think this is such a gorgeous summer colour and something I'm loving at the moment (I also needed a change from pink!). 

I found this yellow dress in River Island a few weeks ago, the lovely bright shade caught my eye and when I tried it on I knew it was the one! It was £45 which I thought was very reasonable. 

The dress has a black, leather looking neckline, so I knew it would go perfectly with my Mulberry clutch bag. I found these Guess heels from TK Maxx for £30 (bargain!) and they were surprisingly comfortable to wear for most of the day. Although I did change to a smaller heel for the evening. Finally, the fascinator is from Debenhams, it is my Mum's from a while ago so I'm not sure how much it was.

The wedding was such a lovely day, the venue was absolutely stunning as you can see in the pictures and the weather was beautiful which everyone was so happy about. 

Below are a couple of pictures of the gorgeous table decorations, I loved the colour scheme so much and inside that lovely package was a mini yankee candle, which was a lovely gift.

I have two more weddings this year so now I need to start planning outfits for those, very exciting!

What do you think of my outfit? Is anyone else going to any weddings this summer? I'd love to see some other outfit posts :)


x x x
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