Wednesday, 4 June 2014

MAC Lipsticks - 'Sandy B' and 'Saigon Summer'

Left- 'Sandy B' and  Right- 'Saigon Summer' | £15.00 Each | Link |

As a present for finishing university I was lucky enough to be treated to a couple of new MAC lipsticks. Ever since I started reading blogs I have developed a love for MAC lipsticks as I have read so many great reviews about them and from the moment I bought my first one I knew I was hooked- they are such good quality. I now have quite a few and every time I can add to my collection I get very excited!

The first lipstick I chose was 'Sandy B'. I first came across this colour about a year ago and have always had it on my mind but never bought it! I am so happy I finally have, I absolutely love the colour. It is a peachy pink, sheer gold colour and a frost finish, meaning it is very shimmery. I think this will be such a nice colour to wear during the summer with a tan. Below is me wearing 'Sandy B'.

The second lipstick I chose was 'Saigon Summer'. I have been looking for a bright orange lipstick for the summer months and as soon as I saw this colour I loved it. A lot of the lovely orange colour lipsticks I have come across from MAC are a matte finish, which isn't my favourite as it is quite drying and doesn't really suit my lips. So, as this is a creamsheen finish I thought it would be much better as I prefer this formula. I think this is actually a creamsheen pearl which is meant to add frostiness to the colour. You can see this in the pictures below, it has a really nice shimmer to it and makes the lips look glossy.

What do you think of these lipsticks? Are there any other MAC lipsticks you recommend for this summer?


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